Over 100 Days Of Failure At The Border

By Tommy Hicks July 11, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Last week marked 100 days since President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as his border crisis manager.

In the three-plus months since Biden called her the “most qualified person” for the job, Harris hasn’t offered solutions — only inaction, excuses, and lies when it comes to the Biden-Harris administration’s signature crisis. When she’s not laughing it off, Harris claims she’s making progress on the raging humanitarian disaster at the border. Her boss says he has the situation “under control.”

But facts are stubborn things, and the numbers show just how dire the crisis Harris and Biden created really is.

In May alone, 180,000 illegal immigrants tried crossing the border. That’s not normal as Harris and Biden would have us believe; those numbers are a 21-year high. They’re nearly an eight-fold increase from just a year ago. More unaccompanied migrant children are showing up at the southern border than ever, often after being smuggled by coyotes taking advantage of this administration’s open-borders agenda.

Public safety officials in Texas have seized enough fentanyl this year to kill 21.5 million people. More fentanyl has been seized at the border in 2021 than in all of 2020. The FBI director is calling it an epidemic.

It isn’t only the record number of deadly drugs and illegal immigrants flooding the border that makes this crisis so devastating.

Members of the brutal gang MS-13 and those on the FBI’s terror watch list have been caught trying to cross the border illegally. Criminal cartels are capitalizing on the mayhem and making record profits.

Facing mounting criticism for a crisis spiraling out of control, Harris finally did the bare minimum last week and visited a border state. But even her trip to El Paso, Texas, showed she’s still not taking the situation seriously.

Instead of seeing the full scale of human suffering the administration’s reckless policies have caused, Harris stopped in a politically friendly area and one largely secured by the border wall that Democrats routinely deride.

Her hourslong layover was hundreds of miles from ground zero for the crisis in the Rio Grande Valley. My fellow Texans weren’t fooled by Harris trying to save face. We know one photo op isn’t going to solve the crisis she and Biden have spent months fueling. Even Democrats panned her trip as nothing more than a box-checking exercise.

Harris’s attempts to evade accountability stand in stark contrast to the work Republicans are doing to secure the border and keep Americans safe. Republican leaders such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are stepping into the breach and doing the job Harris and Biden refuse to. Even non-border state Republicans such as Govs. Pete Ricketts, Ron DeSantis, and others are bolstering resources at the border to help solve this crisis of epic proportions.

Former President Donald Trump and House Republicans’ visit to the border this week was a reminder that we had a secure border only months ago. Through strong, sensible immigration policies, Trump protected America and deterred migrants from making the dangerous journey north, where all too often women and children fall victim to violence and sexual assault.

Harris and Biden threw those policies out the window to appease the far left, and our country is suffering the consequences.

One hundred days is long enough to know that no matter what Biden says, border security isn’t Harris’s long suit. Her tenure as border czar has been a disaster. Biden leaving her in charge for a day longer would be a triumph of hope over experience.

It’s time for Biden to take responsibility for the crisis his failed policies created. More importantly, it’s time for Harris and Biden to address the true “root cause” of the crisis. It’s time they reverse their reckless open borders agenda and start putting the safety of the public first.

Tommy Hicks is the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Author: Tommy Hicks

Source: Washington Examiner: Over 100 days of failure at the border