One Hollywood Actor Calls On Bernie To ‘Unsuspend’ His Presidential Campaign

By Tyler McCarthy April 29, 2020 | Image Source: Fox News

John Cusack called on Bernie Sanders to reopen his campaign for president after the state of New York canceled its primary election due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York State Board of Elections announced it was canceling the June 23 election completely, prompting an immediate backlash from Cusack and other Sanders supporters. Although the Vermont Senator had suspended his campaign and threw his endorsement behind Joe Biden, he wanted to stay on the ballot.

Cusack took to Twitter shortly after the announcement to warn his followers that New York’s decision now sets a precedent for Donald Trump to cancel the general election in November, where he is expected to go head-to-head against Biden. He also called for Sanders to unsuspend his campaign and rescind his endorsement.

“Ny state cancelled the presidential primaries – thus declaring electoral college ‘inconvenient’ to their political ambitions – a disastrous mistake by dnc for allowing it to happen – if the dems intend to behave like trump Sanders should unsuspend his campaign immediately,” the celebrity wrote.

He followed later in the day by tweeting to the Women’s March co-chair Linda Sarsour, writing: “Bernie should un endorse & re open his campaign @lsarsour: NY Board of Elections just set a precedent for Trump by actually cancelling election. Bernie deserved to stay on ballot to amass delegates, DNC was cool, Biden was fine w/ it. They acted unilaterally & unstrategically.”

In subsequent tweets throughout Monday, Cusack further called on Sanders to reopen his campaign and noted that Democrats in New York are painting a false narrative about the safety of voting amid the pandemic when mail-in voting is an option.

The actor echoed sentiments made by the Sanders campaign in its response to New York’s decision to cancel its primary election.

“Today’s decision by the State of New York Board of Elections is an outrage, a blow to American democracy, and must be overturned by the DNC,” wrote Sanders’ senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, in a statement. “Just last week Vice President Biden warned the American people that President Trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election. Well, he now has a precedent thanks to New York state.”

The statement adds: “No one asked New York to cancel the election. The DNC didn’t request it. The Biden campaign didn’t request it. And our campaign communicated that we wanted to remain on the ballot. Given that the primary is months away, the proper response must be to make the election safe – such as going to all vote by mail – rather than eliminating people’s right to vote completely.”

Author: Tyler McCarthy

Source: Fox News: John Cusack calls on Bernie Sanders to ‘un endorse’ Joe Biden, reopen his campaign for president