Once Again, Schools are Closing Due to COVID

By Ben Zeisloft July 19, 2021 | Image Source: Daily Wire

The pandemic in America isn’t the only reason schools are closed. Schools across the country are closing for a variety of reasons, including closing for a few days each week. Some are also closing while they switch to remote learning.

A rise in COVID infections may be one reason. Parents feel frustrated and angry trying to find childcare.

They have also been worn out.

Teachers claim that they shoulder the majority of this responsibility.

Schools gave a number of reasons why schools had to close temporarily. Schools cited a variety of reasons for temporary closings.

Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers, which is the country’s second-largest teachers’ union. She said that classroom fights, from discussions over critical racism to mask mandates, have also had a negative effect.

She stated, “What teachers tell me is that it’s too difficult. They’re trying their best to make it work. ”

There’s no doubt that stress levels are rising. Randi Winegarten’s statements may not be true but they should not be taken as gospel. Teachers would struggle to do enough if they tried their best.
The teachers’ unions aren’t credible so we should take their views about the crisis with a grain.

Elizabeth Thiel is the president of the Portland Association of Teachers. She said that teachers are asking for help with resignations and that it would be easier to come up with a plan.

Perhaps school districts will have to hire non-union teachers in order to fill these vacancies.

Parents often find themselves in the middle.

To educate children, everyone must work together. Teachers must teach, administrators should manage, and parents should be involved in education.