Obama Seen Maskless And Crabby At His Hawaii Home


Barack Obama, the former President, was photographed without a mask while he talked about his almost-finished mansion with the duly masked laborers who are building it. Obama might have been better off wearing a mask to hide his smug expression. He wouldn’t mind being mistaken for the help.

Barack and Michelle, his wife and stately husband have at least two other multimillion-dollar homes, including a mansion on Washington’s capital and waterfront property on Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive, wealthy island in Massachusetts. The Obamas appear to be far more financially secure than they were when they entered office, unlike former President Trump who lost 2 billion of his personal money during his tenure as president.

Marty Nesbitt, Obama pal and chair for the Obama Foundation purchased the Hawaiian mansion in Waimanalo in 2015. It is situated in the ocean-front community. According to state records, the current owner of the property is Waimanalo Paradise LLC. This LLC was established by Nesbitt. The property was divided into two lots by the new owners… then came the controversy.

First, the original house on the property was famously featured in the 1980’s TV series Magnum P.I. Neighbors were disappointed to see it demolished and not renovated. The structure was not protected by any historical landmarks so the new owners could do what they wanted.

The bigger controversy was created when the Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting issued a special permit to the property developer.

On Monday, Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting issued a shoreline permit that allows for controversial multimillion-dollar rehabilitation of Waimanalo’s century-old seawall.

These projects are usually prohibited by state and county laws. According to scientists and environmental experts, seawalls are the main cause of beach erosion in the state. Officials expect the older ones will become obsolete.

Opponents claim that developers get variances to circumvent state policies meant to protect the beautiful and environmentally sensitive Hawaiian coastline. Residents are concerned that wealthy waterfront residents may be moving their homes away from the beachline. This would eliminate the need for seawalls, and allow the beaches to return back to their natural state. According to the Star-Advertiser, Oahu’s coast has been ravaged by seawalls for 25%. It states that the beach in front of the Obama Nesbitt compound is “almost gone”. “The turquoise ocean now slams against the seawall almost every day, leaving no space for the public to fish along the coast or sit on the shore.