Obama Plans Return to White House Attempting to Save Biden From His Own Stupidity


While Joe Biden might be “the big guy” referenced in emails on his grifter son Hunter’s laptop, as in “10 held by H for the big guy” in describing equity allocation percentages on the grifter son’s “business dealings,” when it comes to The Big Guy of the Democrat Party, Barack Obama still reigns supreme.

So as the U.S.S. Biden continues to take on water and Joe’s “trusty” second mate Kamala Harris hopelessly bobs atop the threatening waves in her own dinghy nearby, The Big Guy is scheduled to make his first return to the White House since leaving office in an obvious attempt to save the not-so-good ship Biden from the briny deep.

It is difficult to guess the name of the dingbat in the dinghy.

According to The Hill, Chicago Jesus Obama will attend an event at The White House to celebrate his birthright Obamacare.

The White House confirmed that Obama will be joining Vice President Harris and President Biden. They will also give remarks to celebrate the Affordable Care Act’s success in providing affordable healthcare for millions. This is part of President Obama’s Agenda for American Families to Reduce Costs.

Uh-huh. Let’s “celebrate Obamacare’s success” before we move on.

Politifact named Obama’s promise that “If you like it enough, you can keep it” the biggest lie of 2013. Obama also said that insurance premiums would drop by $2,500 for the average family in the first year. However, they rose more than 60% over the next four years.

What is Obamacare’s promise to increase access to healthcare? Many healthcare providers have opted out of Obamacare exchange plans. Nancy Pelosi (House speaker) is the current Oval Office tenant. The White House passed the bill on March 23rd to commemorate the 12th anniversary. This was it.

Let’s now discuss why The Guy is heading for the White House. The Biden presidency was an inexorable disaster. This is a sad picture of a dire situation that has only gotten more severe. As the number of disasters continues to rise, so does the volume of headlines. Obama can spin as much as he likes, using Super Glue and duct tape. Biden is still Biden.

I am proud of the work [Jill] did as the first lady in [the] Joining Forces Initiative that Michelle Obama started when she was vice-president.

Oh, and O! Obamacare has been and continues to be nothing more than a disastrous lie.