NY Secures $50B In Funding From Biden’s $1.9T Covid Relief Plan

By Nicholas Rowan February 16, 2021 | Image Source: NY Post

WASHINGTON — More than $50 billion in funding is on its way to New York State as part of President Biden’s enormous $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package, The Post has learned.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi notified New York’s Democratic delegation of the generous package in a letter Thursday, where she said she believed the bill would pass by the end of February as Congress uses the drastic budget reconciliation route to approve the legislation without Republican support.

The bailout includes $12.6 billion in New York state coronavirus recovery funding and $10.64 billion for local governments, Pelosi wrote in the letter obtained by The Post.

Another $12.3 billion has been earmarked for the state’s shuttered schools while the Empire State’s run down transit system would receive an $8.8 billion infusion.

New York airports are earmarked for $418 million in the aid bill and small businesses will be eligible for a pot of $483 million.

The package will serve as an urgently-needed cash injection for the state which faces a massive $63 billion budget deficit owed to revenue losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is heading to Washington, D.C. to ask for even more stimulus relief from the Biden administration despite the planned $50 billion package.
Matthew McDermott

Pelosi credited New York’s two senators, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand for their “enthusiastic advocacy” in securing the funding.

Despite receiving a sizeable portion of the rescue package, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be in Washington, D.C. on Friday to ask the Biden administration for more cash.

The governor — who finds himself in a raging political storm after The Post revealed his top aide’s admission that they purposely withheld the number of deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes for fear it would be used against them in a Justice Department probe — will meet Biden in the Oval Office with a bipartisan group of mayors and governors to discuss vaccination efforts and financial relief.

One insider said Cuomo’s office was “well aware” of the $50 billion package headed their way.

In recent weeks, Cuomo has pleaded with Washington to send additional COVID-19 relief and released a state budget proposal that relies on $15 billion in federal funding.

Republican lawmakers and former President Donald Trump were opposed to emergency funding for state governments facing enormous budget deficits caused by the pandemic, describing them as “blue state bailouts.”

Cuomo’s daily briefings at the peak of the pandemic were dominated by his public spats with the former president who often responded to the governor’s criticism in real time on Twitter.

Author: Ebony Bowden

Source: NY Post: New York secures $50B in funding from Biden’s $1.9T COVID relief package