Newsom’s Collapse on School Vaxx Mandates


It’s the West Coast’s triumphant return. Update after being “on assignment”, drinking wine in an undisclosed place. It’s not common for people to wear masks in France or the UK, and vax passports have become obsolete. California’s Governor Hair Gel was forced to postpone his school COVID-19 vaccination mandates on the West Coast.

Yes, the jab was given to many families already. But the Republican minority pressured Democrats not to kill a bill that required student vaccinations. They demanded the government halt this ridiculous edict which was to take effect this summer. According to ABC News, Newsom put his emergency order on hold for one year “pending approval by Food and Drug Administration for a COVID-19 vaccination for children under 16 years of age.”

This group of teachers union toadies, labor organizers, and lawyers should stop the navel-gazing, micromanaging, and micromanaging that is being done by the legislature. The California legislature and those of Washington and Oregon were virtually absent over the past two years, which allowed the governors to issue COVID-covered edicts. The legislature should not be a rubber stamp, but a way to check the governor’s powers.

The California legislature has moved a bill to give the state a 4-day workweek. Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low is one of the sponsors. He said that it was all about “reimagining the workforce.” He stated, “As we emerge from the COVID pandemic I am excited about the way we reimagine the workforce while encouraging the voices of workers to get back into the job market as a response to the Great Rectification.”

It would also lower productivity and encourage larger companies that are covered by the bill, to leave even more. Changing the economic metrics could help to obscure the terrible handling of finances in the Golden State by the Democratic supermajority over the past many years. It’s a win-win situation for Democrats

The West Coast has seen fire season arrive early, which is obviously a mess. This is a frequent scene in California, where the smoke-your-rent-live-in-a-tent crowd often has outdoor cookouts, sparking wildfires.

This drugged-out man in Seattle wouldn’t help to put out the car fire he started (graphic illustration).

Portland activists want to stop law enforcement from using the “challenge coin” as a way to commemorate their survival from the Antifa and Black Lives Matter Riots of 2020 and 2021. Street Roots, a local newspaper for the homeless, seems to be scandalized about the coins, which are a tradition in the military and police communities.

Street Roots reports that the coins are being traded on a Facebook group that has been “infiltrated” by local activists. They depict the burning of downtown Portland’s Federal Courthouse.

The coin is embossed with the illustration of the Justice Center in flames on one end, and surrounded by the phrases “this will defend” and “remember Alamo.”

The reverse side of the coin features an insignia depicting an eagle standing over an American flag and a lightning bolt that reads “CERT.” This is a reference to the Corrections Emergency Response Team, which was involved in crowd control during the 2020 racial injustice protests at the Justice Center. The words “Multnomah County Sheriff” and a Latin phrase translating as “always ready” are placed around the insignia.

Investigations are ongoing into the coins.

I was given some challenge coins by the police and military.

Two of these bad boys would be great for me, thank you.

Don’t let the kooks keep you down until next time. Have a happy Easter. He Is Risen!