New COVID Testing Protocols For Those Entering The United States

By Virginia Allen December 12, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Signal

Beginning Monday, December 6, COVID-19 will have more stringent requirements for travelers who enter the United States. This is in accordance with an amended order that was released by the CDC Thursday.

This new requirement is an addition to the pre-existing order, which was in effect since January and gave travelers three days to obtain the required documentation and testing. People will now need to include a visit at a testing center to any last-minute tasks before they depart for the United States. There are many testing centers at major airports. They will be crowded as more people choose to get tested while they travel. Many large pharmacies offer testing and digital certification for the required results.

Online pre-scheduling is possible for travelers. At the time of testing, they will need to present their passport and flight details. The results are usually emailed to the traveler within one hour of testing (for antigen tests) in the form of a digital certificate. To board their flights, passengers will need to present this digital certificate and their boarding passes to airline officials.

The cost of the test is up to the traveler, but some insurance companies will reimburse. The cost of a test can range from $20 to several hundred dollars.

The amended order applies only to those who travel to the U.S. via air. The exemption applies to anyone entering the country by air or over a border. The U.S. has outsourced the enforcement of its rules to airlines that offer travel into the country. They must ban passengers who have not passed a COVID test or are infected from boarding planes.

Americans who plan to travel abroad need to check the COVID requirements in place in the destination country. Restrictions can vary from country to country. They may include a requirement for proof of a negative COVID test, bans for persons traveling from certain countries or those who have visited them recently, quarantine requirements, and closing borders to all but their citizens.

People who enter the United States illegally are exempted from federal COVID regulations.