More Patriots Band Together To Stomp Antifa Out Of Town

By Katherine Barner KHQ June 05, 2020 | Image Source: KHQ


Armed Idahoans tell KHQ they have been in Coeur d’Alene to ensure the Black Lives Matter protests don’t conclude the way they did in downtown Spokane on Sunday night.

According to one of the armed North Idahoans, they are there to ensure the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest does not get hijacked by outsiders looking for trouble.

These armed North Idahoans have made appearances at Sherman Ave. in downtown CdA. They told KHQ’s Noelle Lashley they were also there to protect businesses, saying they wanted to ensure what happened in Spokane Sunday night didn’t happen in Coeur D’Alene.

Protests have ended peacefully in CdA thus far.

According to witnesses, protests also took place at Riverstone shopping area.


Monday night Black Lives Matter held a protest in the Cracker Barrel parking lot in Coeur d’Alene.

According to north Idaho resident Adam Mayer, across the street from the Black Lives Matter protesters are other north Idaho residents in the WinCo parking lot.

The north Idaho residents in the WinCo parking lot are armed and have signs that read “please don’t harm CDA.”

Information will be updated as it is received.

Author: Katherine Barner KHQ

Source: KHQ: Armed Idahoans say CdA protest presence was “to ensure what happened in Spokane, didn’t happen here”