More Artists Leave Spotify


Bloomberg is reporting Spotify is having more problems due to the increase in artists joining Neil Young and pulling their works over Joe Rogan. The artists include Young. Yes, eight. Unless you include Crosby, Stills & Nash. Three of those three are podcasters, not musicians, and include Donald Trump’s niece Mary. What will Spotify do? A poll of Spotify users will likely show a collective shrug followed by the question “Who?”

Joni Mitchell and Young are two of the biggest solo artists. Young’s comments on AIDS are well-known. Joni Mitchell’s black pimp alter-ego Art Nouveau is also worth mentioning. The photos are actually owned by Becky Noble of The Political Insider. Mitchell is shown in her full…uh costume. One of Mitchell’s album covers featured a photo. Noble has even quoted Mitchell in an interview. I suppose that makes it all OK.

“I don’t have the soul or intelligence of a white woman. I write like a black poet. I often write from a black perspective.”

It doesn’t matter what you did in your past if you are angry enough in the moment.

Then, of course, straight from the Please Don’t Forget Me Department, Susan Sarandon’s shameful, execrable comments regarding the funeral services for members of New York’s Finest.

Q: What do Crosby Stills & Nash have in common with Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Joni Mitchell?

A: My parents loved them all. Who are now dead. You should also know that I am 55 years old, which gives you an idea of the timeline.

These people were almost irrelevant during the second Reagan administration. Even that is a little charitable. As anyone who has ever made a lot of money will tell you, the first job is to make more money. These music and movie has-beens are the perfect vehicles for Joe Rogan, a free thinker who reminds us that we are supposed to be stars. Now that their activist genes are re-energized they are ready to become stars again. You don’t have to remind them that they were once free-thinkers. They may have used a homophobic slur. Or that they wore blackface.