Mom Fights Anti-White Training In Daughters Kindergarten Class: They Reduce Everything Down To Skin Color

By Angelica Stabile June 05, 2021 | Image Source: Fox News

Rhode Island mother Nicole Solas is taking action against her daughter’s school district for refusing to share information on race theory-based curriculum.

Solas joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday to express her frustration with district management, and shared that school guidelines bar teachers from calling their students “boys and girls” and rethinks the American foundations of Thanksgiving.

After Solas’ inquiry on curriculum via public records request through the Access to Public Records Act, a member of the school board accused her of being “racist” during a public hearing.

“That is a patently false, outrageous, defamatory statement that should be retracted and the chair of the school committee should resign immediately,” Solas defended. “This is what they do. They smear people who ask them questions, who disagree with them and it’s just a false accusation of racism that they use to bully you into silence.”

“They reduce everyone down to the color of their skin and a human being’s worth is more than that.”

Solas claimed that from what she’s uncovered, her town is in “deep trouble” and encouraged other parents to submit their own APRA requests to find out more details of what’s happening behind closed doors in their own districts.

“I want parents to know that if they are going to get answers from their school district, they need to submit public records request,” she said. “This is a way that you can legally compel your school to answer questions so you can know what is being taught in your classrooms.”

“Parents across the country have to start holding their school officials accountable. They are our civil servants. They work for us. They’re not supposed to be these tyrants in the classroom. We need to stop being afraid of retaliation.”

Fox News’ Joshua Q. Nelson contributed to this report.

Author: Angelica Stabile

Source: Fox News: Mom fights anti-White training in daughter’s kindergarten class: ‘They reduce everything down’ to skin color