Michigan Officer Hurt In The Line Of Duty Gets Fired


Bob Stump is a Michigan police officer who claims he was fired without notice. He was informed that the township would be responsible for his treatment for serious injuries sustained while on duty.

Police Tribune reports that a suicidal female with an outstanding warrant drove her vehicle into Stump’s patrol car in 2020. Randi Justice, 33, was badly injured when her car crashed into Stump’s patrol vehicle in 2020.

Justice later admitted that she attempted suicide by crashing into Stump’s cruiser at speeds of 50-60 mph.

Authorities took Justice into custody. Justice was charged with 10 felonies including reckless driving, attempted killing, and attempted murder. Justice’s prosecution dismissed seven of the 10 felonies. Justice’s prosecution allowed her to plead not guilty to two felonious assault charges and assaulting a police officer counts. These crimes will see her sentenced in March. She is likely to spend seven years in prison.

Robert “Bob” Stump is a 14-year-old veteran of the DeWitt Township Police Department. Stump was able to receive a hip replacement after learning that he was eligible.

He claimed that he was able to return to light duty after several surgeries, even though he had to deal with the effects of the accident and subsequent surgeries. According to his family, he was not offered a job in the municipality.

According to Molly Stump, Andrew Dymczyk, DeWitt Township Manager, told Officer Stump that he was given enough time to heal. The township decided to replace him with another officer who was less expensive.

Molly was stunned by the decision. How can it be possible to be hailed as a hero just two years ago and become a financial burden today?

She said, “The things he has done professionally, the people that he’s saved and protected. He is acknowledged and thanked for his many sacrifices over the years, even working on weekends.

According to the report, the township manager fired him without notice. There was no public thank-you, ceremony, going-away party, or acknowledgment of his community service.

Instead, the township stated that he was too costly and would not continue to pay him or cover his replacement hip. This allowed him to return to work. According to reports, the township told the officer that he needed to sign up for his wife’s insurance plan before February 28th.

Officer Stump’s dedication and 14-year-long service to our residents will be remembered forever. Dymczyk sent Dymczyk an emailed statement regarding Officer Stump’s termination.

Molly wrote to the DeWitt Township Board Trustees: It’s horrible to think back on the past two years and see how Officer Stump used our pain to try to get back in the service of your constituents. It was all futile. His efforts to save and preserve lives over 14 years of service are hard to quantify. It is hard to put a value on his efforts and the sacrifices he made. Perhaps you can. DeWitt Charter Township appears to have deemed his worth very quantifiable. He seems to have no value.

According to the report, trustees placed the matter on Monday night’s agenda.

Molly stated that she would seek legal advice if the situation was not resolved during the meeting.

According to The Police Tribune, a large number of residents and officers have called for the reinstatement of Stump. They claimed that Stump was fired because he was arguing with Dymczyk over years.

According to the outlet, he had previously fought Dymczyk for his fellow officers and won many times. Sources claim Dymczyk intended to fire Stump.

According to the outlet Officer Stump worked hard for many years as the department’s union representative. He also fought against the township manager many times.