Michelle Obama In Talks With Biden On Campaign Involvement


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s team is speaking with former first lady Michelle Obama about winning her endorsement and having her play a role in his campaign, according to a report.

Former President Obama endorsed Biden last week soon after Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race and Biden emerged as the apparent Democratic nominee.

While the former president is still popular with his party, Michelle Obama’s star power among progressives may well eclipse her husband’s.

“We know what pretty much everyone in America does: Michelle Obama is probably the most beloved member of the Democratic Party and her support is a big deal,” a Biden aide told The Hill. “Any future announcement would reflect the incredible impact her voice has.”

She has even raised speculation that she might run for president or that she could be Biden’s running mate.

While she has given no indication she plans to run for office, the former first lady has been involved in voter registration.

In 2018, she started a campaign called “When We All Vote,” which includes celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Hanks.

The former first lady’s popularity may be due in part to often staying out of the political fray.

Howard Gutman, who worked in the Obama administration, told The Hill the Biden team would take anything it can get from her, but “It’s a question of how much [she and her family] want her to be out there in the crossfire.”

She may join her husband in video fundraising appearances and will likely also be involved in get-out-the-vote and voter registration efforts.

She might also do her own virtual fundraisers and phone bank, The Hill reported.

“This week was President Obama’s moment to enter the campaign. Of course, Mrs. Obama supports Joe Biden and we will keep you posted on her plans,” an Obama aide told The Hill.

Michelle Obama “has an incredible soft spot for Joe,” and has stayed close with him and Dr. Jill Biden, a source said.

She is expected to be more involved than she was in 2016 when she gave one of the most talked-about speeches during the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

She spoke about waking up every morning in the White House, which was built by slaves, “and I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women playing with their dogs on the White House lawn.”

Dick Harpootlian, former Democratic Party chairman of South Carolina, told The Hill, “If she engages, God help Donald Trump, because she’s tough as nails and enormously popular.”

Author: Brie Stimson

Source: Fox News: Michelle Obama in talks with Biden team on endorsement, campaign involvement: report