Miami Police Chief Calls On Congress To Pass Gun Control After Mass Shooting

By Jake Dima May 31, 2021 | Image Source: NY Post

A Miami law enforcement boss called on Congress to enact gun control legislation, including universal background checks, after an overnight mass shooting in the area.

Chief Art Acevedo blamed a “scourge of gun violence” on Sunday after at least two people were killed and more than 20 were injured when a trio of suspects opened fire on the El Mula Banquet Hall, which was being rented for a concert. The motive for the shooting remains unknown, and authorities have enlisted the help of the public to identify the perpetrators.

“We need to do much more at a federal level,” he said during a segment of CBS News’s Face the Nation.

“Well, first and foremost, [Congress needs] to come out of their own corners, the Left and the Right, and come to the middle, which is where most Americans are,” Acevedo added. “We need to have universal background checks. We need to make burglarizing these licensed gun stores a federal crime with mandatory sentencing. And we need the federal government and both sides to address this issue because without legislation, without certainty as it relates to holding these criminals accountable, we’re never going to get through the summer without much more death and destruction.”

The chief also took the time to rail against Texas for passing a bill that would allow residents to carry handguns without a permit. The proposal, known as constitutional carry, has arrived at the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott, who has vowed to sign the legislation.

“Look, there’s something that God gave us, and that is common sense, and common sense tells us that that is ridiculous,” Acevedo said. “Law enforcement, police chiefs, sheriffs, police, labor stood up together and made it real clear we do not support constitutional carry here in Texas or anywhere in this country. And so, most American gun owners don’t support constitutional carry.

“But, again, you know, it’s a slogan,” he added. “It appears if Gov. Abbott signs that, that we support the blue. They only support the blue in word. It’s now a time to support the blue in deed by vetoing that bill. You’re either with law enforcement, or you stand with the fringe that believe that everybody should have a firearm regardless of their character, their capabilities, or their mental capacity.”

The chief insisted “it’s going to be a long summer” as liberals push for defunding police and Republicans attempt to bolster the right to own and carry a firearm.

“But my worry, and I think the worry of my colleagues across the country, is that as we continue to talk about defunding the police, instead of making the police better and investing in good policing, and on the Right, we’re talking about more guns for everybody,” he said. “It’s going to be a long summer.”

Author: Jake Dima

Source: Washington Examiner: Miami police chief calls on Congress to pass gun control after mass shooting