Masked Singer Show Is Now Surrounded In Controversy


The Masked Singer is Fox Network’s prime-time game show. It has yet to air the premiere of its seventh season, and it’s already surrounded by controversy.

Celebrity contestants are seen on stage wearing elaborate costumes as the judges attempt to figure out who is behind them. Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong were both angry that the first celebrity to leave the show was not “unmasked” when he walked off the stage.

Rudy Giuliani was the celebrity, and his appearance caused Jeongs and Thicke’s heads to explode.

Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger were the two judges who remained onstage after the reveal. They apparently enjoyed a pleasant conversation with Giuliani. After a while, Jeong and Thicke returned back to the stage.

The formatting of the show may change for fans.

Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong are back as judges for Season 7. However, the new contestants will be split into three categories instead of two. The three groups are The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly. I’m sure we all can guess which Giuliani belongs to.

The walkout could have been staged. It is entertainment television, and as with professional wrestling, things may not always be as they seem.

It’s plausible that Giuliani would trigger two liberal chowderheads and cause them to run screaming for their lives. This is virtue signaling on steroids. Thicke and Jeong will be seen as heroes for speaking the truth to power, even though they didn’t say a word when they fled to face Trump.

Next month will see the premiere of the first episode.

Giuliani, as a footnote should be viewed as “cuddly” due to his warm personality and love of his fellow man. He is certainly cuddlier than many left-wing loons who would have preferred to remain in their chairs.