Mask/Vaccine Nazis Are Getting More Unhinged Every Day

By Stephen Kruiser September 18, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I am suddenly aware of the complete lack of wicker in my life.

Just when you think that the mask and vaccine fetishists couldn’t possibly get any worse, they find new lows to descend to.

Yes, we are suffering from a plague in this country — a plague of rudeness. This pandemic is causing a lot of people to act out in ways that we shouldn’t be tolerating. The mask/vax types are under the false impression that they are morally superior and can threaten or mistreat anyone they want. There were several different stories on Thursday that got my blood boiling a bit.

I don’t like boiling blood, by the way.

Megan wrote a disturbing piece about a deaf woman’s travails with mask-obsessed clerks:

“I am at my breaking point in this pandemic,” she said. Heroux is an Uber driver and went into her favorite Dunkin’ Donuts store to get an iced tea in Encino, California. When she tried to order her drink, she asked the employee to take down her mask so she could read her lips, informing her that she is deaf. Heroux says she wears a cochlear implant but did not have it on that day and could hear nothing. Instead of giving reasonable accommodations to Heroux, like pulling down her mask or writing down her words, the staff member continued talking behind her mask while Heroux heard nothing.

“I was so confused,” Heroux said. “She called the manager… I could tell by his face and body language that he was going off and kept [gesturing to his face] and I kept saying ‘I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!’” she said. “He refused to write anything down… we were six feet apart through the plexiglass,” she said. “What more do you want? We’ve struggled so much through this pandemic,” Heroux said, referring to deaf people. “He didn’t believe me,” she said sobbing. “He didn’t believe that I was deaf because I speak so well. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

That’s heartbreaking. No doubt the idiots at Dunkin’ Donuts think that they’re America’s heroes for wearing the masks. They should all be fired, They can stay home and wear their masks all day and not have to worry about COVID leaping into their mouths.

There’s a post on our sister site HotAir that showcases a few examples of rudeness run amok. Here’s a sample:

And then there’s the repellent busybody in the clip below, who’s masked *and* vaccinated by his own account, harassing an unmasked woman in Target as she tries to shop in peace. (She has natural immunity, she assures him.)

It’s not clear when it was recorded but some vaccinated people seem to be more prone lately to go too far in pressuring holdouts due to their exasperation over rising case counts and deaths from Delta. The ultimate example is Biden’s probably illegal federal vaccine mandate, which he introduced during a speech in which he all but declared war on the unvaccinated. But there are other examples, from the micro level…

The alleged president of the United States is most definitely encouraging this nonsense. He’s been demonizing people who don’t want to wear masks or get vaccinated from the moment he was sworn in. It’s irresponsible and just one of the many ways he keeps proving that he is unfit for the job.

Biden isn’t the only idiot lefty egging on the rudeness.

Kevin wrote yesterday about CNN moron Don Lemon saying that unvaccinated people should be called “stupid” and “left behind.” Lemon wasn’t clear on exactly how he’d leave them behind.

As I and many others have been writing and saying for months, none of this helps. In fact, it’s having the opposite effect. The people I know who aren’t vaccinated were at least considering it several months ago. Now they’re dug in and firm “no” votes and it’s all because of the horrible behavior of those who are pretending to be concerned about public health.

This is just going to get uglier.

Thanks, Joe.
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Author: Stephen Kruiser

Source: PJ Media: The Morning Briefing: Mask/Vaccine Nazis Are Getting More Unhinged Every Day