Mask Nazis Silent About Biden Border Super Spreader Event

By Stephen Kruiser August 15, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

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The Biden Border Nightmare Rages On
Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I thought that the Liberace piñata was uncalled for.

We’ve got a shorter, delayed Briefing today due to some family circumstances. The show must go on, of course, but sometimes it gets interrupted a bit.

The Biden-Fauci administration is in full scold mode these days, constantly haranguing the public about the need to wear our COVID coverings at all times to avoid mass extinction. We are supposed to be living in fear and acquiescing to the tyrannical whims of our elected officials, all in the name of public safety.

Here’s the thing though: They’re all full of it.

The heavy hand of the government is trying to keep regular folk like us from enjoying life while the likes of America’s Biggest Eventual Regret get to party until they drop. The Democratic elites are constantly getting caught ignoring the rules that we are told are necessary to keep the public safe.

While all of that is going on, something even more insidious is happening along our border with Mexico. Illegal aliens of uncertain health status are being allowed by Joe Biden’s puppet masters to waltz into the U.S. and infect anyone they please.

Bryan wrote yesterday about the mayor of Laredo, Texas, referring to the situation as a real “public health crisis.”

The pathetically open border isn’t just letting waves of Delta variant carriers enter the country. The drug cartels are also aware of the ease of passage into the United States.

Joe Biden and the commies running his brain don’t care if you get COVID. Or if you get shot by a criminal from the Sinaloa cartel. Everything these people say about public health is a lie. Anthony Fauci should be getting sued by every business owner who went broke from being shut down last year. Any American who still believes in this administration and the criminally ignorant Fauci is too stupid to be left in a room that isn’t toddler-proofed.

The Joe Biden Mexican border super-spreader event is the real threat to American security, not the dude with the horns on his hat who went to the Capitol on January 6. The people tasked with protecting us are endangering U.S. citizens every day because they have worked themselves into such a state of political correctness that they can’t craft any real border policy.

Until they shut down that border, they should shut their mouths about public safety.

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Author: Stephen Kruiser

Source: PJ Media: The Morning Briefing: Mask Nazis Remain Silent About the Biden Border Super-Spreader Event