Man Protecting Business Brutally Beat By Violent Mob

By Chris Enloe May 31st, 2020 | Image Source : The Blaze

More than a dozen protesters beat the man

Violent protesters brutally beat a Dallas man late Saturday who was protecting businesses, leaving the victim unconscious with a twisted and mangled body.

According to video captured by TheBlaze’s Elijah Schaffer, violent protesters descended on the man after he chased looters with a large sword. The man did not, however, attack the looters.

The graphic footage shows more than a dozen protesters brutally beating and stomping the man, who eventually fell unconscious. One protester even beat the victim with a skateboard.

“BREAKING: man critically injured at Dallas riots It appears he attempted to defend a shop with a large sword Looters ran at him, then he charged rioters They then beat him with a skateboard and stoned him with medium sized rocks I called an Ambulance and it’s on the way,” Schaffer wrote on Twitter.

Video of the incident received more than 20 million views by Sunday morning.

(Content Warning: The following video contains graphic footage)

Police told a Dallas Morning News reporter that the victim was in “bad shape, but hanging on. His body was literally twisted from getting stomped on and kicked.”

The victim was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition. The extent of his injuries are unknown.

Law enforcement later confirmed the victim was carrying a machete to “protect his neighborhood from protesters.”

Police have not yet made any arrests in the shocking assault.

Author: Chris Enloe

Source: The Blaze: Violent mob brutally beats Dallas man protecting businesses — victim’s body ‘literally twisted’