Louis Vuitton Mass Robbery


Looters in San Francisco pulled off an outrageously brazen display by stealing tens of thousands in merchandise during a “smash-and-grab” at the Louis Vuitton shop in Union Square on Saturday.

Two days ago, another “smash-and-grab” robbery took place at the Louis Vuitton store located in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Police in Oak Brook found that 14 suspects robbed the store. They grabbed a lot of merchandise and ran out the door to get into three cars. The robbery took place at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Police in San Francisco report that similar attacks were committed against other Union Square retailers.

London Breed, San Francisco Mayor, promised to clamp down on looting.

It’s hard to say “crackdown” and then make it “harder” for thieves to steal high-end merchandise worth $100,000 by restricting vehicle access.

The police chief assured them that there would be a shift.

The high-end nature and price of these stores may have had an impact on the attitudes of many Twitter users.

Yes, they can afford it. They have insurance so why not use it? No one was hurt and the store won’t lose any money. Why not just take it all? Those rich people owe us, little people.

This is exactly the attitude that cause London Breed to be elected as mayor. It shouldn’t surprise us that this is happening.

California seemed to be asking for it after they made shoplifting attractive by increasing the amount that could result in felony charges to $950. Since then, the city has seen pharmacies, grocery shops, and other retail outlets move out of the area as organized gangs have taken whatever they want in large quantities.

The city made it clear that theft from businesses is a low-priority crime. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that criminals have arranged to profit from this lax attitude.