Lifelong Democrat Calls Into C-SPAN After Watching RNC, Says Now Voting Republican

By Chris Enloe August 26, 2020 | Image Source: The Blaze

A caller who identified himself as a “lifelong Democrat” called in to C-SPAN on Monday after watching the first slate of speeches at the Republican National Convention and announced that he will be voting Republican this year.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat, I’m from Lorain, Ohio, which is a Democrat city in Ohio. And I just want to say after watching the convention tonight on TV, on C-SPAN here, I am definitely changing my vote to Republican,” said the caller, who identified himself as Rick.

“I tell you what, they just put the Democratic Party to shame. I’m going to follow the Republican Party now,” he continued.

When asked to explain what convinced him to change his mind, Rick explained the “heartfelt” message of the Republican speakers resonated with him deeply — especially their religious emphasis.

“It was the heartfelt way they came across to the American people, and I was really touched by the number of times they used the word ‘God.’ They put God into everything,” Rick explained. “The people on the Democratic side, at their convention, act like they were pushing God right out of it — and that had a lot to do with changing my mind.”

It is not clear how many “Ricks” exist. What is clear, however, is that, according to the latest ABC/YouGov poll, President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden among independent voters — a significant positive for the Trump campaign — though Trump continues to trail Biden overall.

The first night of the RNC had a packed speaker schedule. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Donald Trump Jr. were among the speakers.

As TheBlaze reported, Scott delivered a well-received and emotional speech in which he sought to inject hope into the election.

“Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. And that’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last,” Scott said. “There are millions of families just like mine all across this nation, full of potential, seeking to live the American dream. And I’m here tonight to tell you that supporting the Republican ticket gives you the best chance of making that dream a reality.”

On Tuesday, first lady Melania Trump, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will headline the RNC.

Author: Chris Enloe

Source: The Blaze: ‘Lifelong Democrat’ calls in to C-SPAN after watching RNC speeches — says he is now voting Republican