Libs of TikTok Account Respond After Formerly Tearful WaPo Reporter Doxxes Them


Taylor Lorenz (Washington Post technology columnist/reporter) made national headlines when she spoke with MSNBC about her personal information being posted online. She claims that this harassment was due to her work as a Washington Post “technology reporter” and involved anonymous social media users posting harassing material about her, sometimes in fear of reprisal from their employers or opposition.

In case you missed the video, here’s a link to

Lorenz is a buddy-buddy for troubled teens of politicians. Lorenz has been criticized for being both a victim as well as a victim of witchhunt campaigns that target politically incorrect views. Tucker Carlson was Fox News’ host at the moment and he blasted Lorenz in March 2021 because he tried to have it both ways. The Usual Suspects reacted quickly and accused Lorenz of “misogyny”. To defend themselves, they used stupid “words that are violent” arguments.

Two weeks later, Lorenz’s MSNBC segment on online harassment went viral. Here she is with her latest piece – in which she reveals she doxxed the popular “Libs of Tik Tok”. Twitter accounts and even tracked down the family members of the owner of the account:

The Libs of Tik Tok account searches for TikTok videos by far-left teachers or other local people in similar positions. They then repost these videos to the LoTT Twitter Account.

Taylor Lorenz was accused only of amplifying the wacko-ravings and inanities of the radical left. On numerous occasions, he stated that online harassment occurs when you post personal information online. Taylor Lorenz tried to punish them by the blessings from the Washington Post (language warning span>

Lorenz is writing this tweet to defend herself. Lorenz, who is writing this, is trying to defend herself on Twitter. This is the core of these stories.

LoTT assured readers and viewers that they were safe after the publication of the account’s reports.

Bonchie, a colleague in Lorenz’s work, said that journalists, particularly those in Lorenz’s field of work (and rightly), don’t have it both ways.

Politibunny is our sister site Twitchy. It was observed that LoTT shared content from @libsoftiktok. “If you don’t like @libsoftiktok sharing these insanely horrible videos, then maybe stop sharing them. You are not making her look stupid.

The woman is correct.