Leo Terrell Knows What Dems Are Doing…He Exposes Real Reason For Impeachment

By Sophie O’hara January 13, 2021 | Image Source: Waynedupree

Democrats are now trying for a second time to impeach Trump, although this time they’re joined by a handful of Republicans.

They’re basing this latest effort to oust Trump off of the protests in D.C., arguing that Trump was responsible for any and all violence that occurred there.

But Leo Terrell isn’t buying it…

He believes that both Dems and the GOP want Trump impeached so he can’t run again in 2024.

After the large number of supporters who turned up in D.C., Terrell believes that our government is afraid of the popularity Trump carries in this country.

Watch the video:

And there are many who share Leo’s beliefs:

They fear the powerful leadership of the president and they also know what they did last fall.

They are I have not seen a person who calls things for what they are better than Leo Terrell

I think he’s right. The stage is set for a battle royale. The divisions are imbedded in the psyche and it’ll only fester from here on in. It’s just lucky people don’t have access to guns and have military experience. Oh, shit!

Amen to that.

We are holding the line as he has asked us to do. Now we need him to make sure that he doesn’t give up like he told us he wouldn’t. He said he never would give up. Is it wrong if he does the insurrection act? We’re a country divided about to lose all of our rights…

… in less than 10 days we will not be in the America we thought we could be. It will be much worse than we imagined. There will never be another free and fair election… Just like there wasn’t this time. What makes you think that will change? You are blind to think otherwise 🇺🇸

It does seem odd that impeachment is being discussed this close to Trump leaving office.

Do you agree that this is being done more for political reasons?

Author: Sophie O’hara

Source: Waynedupree: [VIDEO] Leo Terrell Knows What Dems Are Doing…He Exposes Real Reason For Impeachment