Lefts on Facebook too Dumb for the Truth on Biden’s Oil Prices


I don’t understand why I bother to argue with idiots via Facebook. These people struggle just like us to get their food on the table. They are buying so much meat that they are giving their children Alpo. Yet, they don’t know the obvious: Biden did it intentionally.

The inflation rate is at 7.9%, which is the highest increase in 40 years.

Soviet defector Yuri Besmenov says that your bolshie sister-in-law cannot help but to blame herself. She’s been brainwashed and “demoralized” but she won’t accept it. She’ll at best post a meme with a tinfoil hat in your honor and give yourself a big fat “LOLZ!” !”

True information is not important anymore. Demoralized people are unable to evaluate true information. He doesn’t believe the facts. Even if I give him information with genuine proof and documents with photos, or if I force him to the Soviet Union to show him concentration camps, he won’t believe it until he gets a kick in the bottom. He will only understand when a military boot stomps on his b***s. This is the tragedy of demoralization.

This is crucial. This is important.

He is driving up the cost of electric cars. Pete Buttgiggles, on the other hand, is selling electric cars. Do you see the plan?

Guess who called it all! Ah, SNAP!

You don’t have to believe that Biden deliberately raises the gas price in order to make us more “green”. Take a look at this:


These are quick facts for Facebook’s pinko loons who denialism reality and embrace nonsense. These truths will be ignored by them, just like the “check engine” light on their Priuses.

Biden’s administration attempted to justify new regulations and laws regarding fossil fuels by using a ridiculous, exaggerated figure about carbon emissions. The Pinocchio tactic was rebuked by a judge, which caused a stall. According to the Biden administration, this decision caused an abrupt halt in work on 18 federal oil-and-gas leases in New Mexico.

Biden has not held an onshore leasing sale for over a year. This is the first time in 20 years that a president has done this.

ConocoPhillips could drill 160,000 barrels per hour in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve for the next 30 years, but the Center For American Progress and the commies at The Center For American Progress forced the Biden administration into stopping the drilling.

Biden’s anti-fossil fuel gibberish is not lost on anyone. Bloomberg was told by an oil executive that Biden was signaling to the world that his environmental goals outweigh energy security and consumer price stability. He added, “That’s not lost on public corporations or the banks they depend on.”

Yahoo!!’s lickspittles know this. Finance knows that Biden delays drilling leases and that it is hurting Americans who are trying to get to work.

The Uriah Sheeps, not to be confused with Uriah, are lefty media that blame Putin, Trump, and gas-thirsty lunatics for the rise in oil prices. CNN claims that everyone and anything is guilty, except Gropey Joe Biden.

How Marxist are the Center for American Progress clowns? They just wrote an article “explaining why the U.S. cannot “drill its way to energy independence,” totally forgetting that in 2019, we were energy independent for the first time in over 50 years under President Trump.

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Only a brainwashed commie will pay insane amounts for gas and food, and not point fingers at the man who is largely responsible.

Stephen Colbert, a millionaire talk-show host, and liberal bum-licky Stephen Colbert believes that having your children go without meat to fill your tank is somehow patriotic.

He said that today’s average gasoline price in America was at an all-time high of more than $4 per gallon. Although it hurts, a clear conscience is worth a few bucks. It’s important.”