Latvia is Russia’s New Target for Denazification Program


Although the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin was nothing more than a basic land grab, Putin felt compelled to justify his actions with noble motives. He first referred to the plight in Donbas but did not mention that this is the direct result of Putin’s policy to violate Ukrainian sovereignty and create a permanent casus belli with Ukraine. He then spoke out about the need to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine and bring the perpetrators in Donbas to justice.

Putin said, “We will pursue this goal by demilitarizing and getting rid of Nazis in Ukraine. Additionally, we will bring to trial all those responsible for numerous bloody crimes against civilians, even Russian Federation citizens”.

Putin’s Russia has given the term “nazi” a special meaning. Putin crony Sergey Karaganov claims that nazism doesn’t involve antisemitism. “[i]t involves hating, suppressing all other nations.” Russian parlance says “all other nationalities” refers to a group of one: Russia seems not to be too concerned about the presence in Russia of Third Reich fans, as long as they’re singing Putin’s tune.

May 9th is an important date for Russia. This is when they claim credit for defeating Nazi Germany single-handedly. According to their mythos Normandy, North Africa, and Italy never happened. There was no strategic air campaign. There were no convoys that made it to Murmansk Run, carrying thousands upon thousands of Studebaker trucks, P-40 fighters, and millions upon millions of Spam. FDR and Churchill were merely playing tiddlers while Stalin fought the forces of evil. Millions of Russian soldiers died due to the actions of their leaders and the political commissars who directed NKVD’s murder squads. This is more than any German greater hiding in a bunker.

The Baltic States have a large Russian population that was transplanted to those countries to “Russify” them. Russia celebrates May 9 to raise cultural awareness and to create a sense separate from the legal government. Latvian authorities took steps last Thursday to end pro-Putin fanfare.

On Thursday, April 8, Latvia’s Saeima approved in its final reading the Law of the Day of Commemoration of Victims Who Perished in Ukraine. This law provides that the 9th of May will be a day of mourning.

The parliament also approved the Martins Steins proposal to ban fireworks sales on May 9th and 10, 2022.

This law aims to draw the attention of the residents of Latvia toward Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, and show solidarity with Ukrainians fighting for sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. This law makes 9 May in Latvia a day to remember the victims of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

It will be necessary to raise the flag of Ukraine alongside the Latvian flag in all public buildings and buildings owned by legal entities and associations.

The law prohibits the organization of public celebrations or festivities. Municipal administrations are not permitted to issue permits for public events. If permits were issued prior to the law’s effective date, the law allows municipal administrations to cancel them.

This law will cease to be in force on 11 May 2022.

Russia is, as you can imagine, broken. The “Putin doctrine” states that Russia is the guarantor of security in Russia. Latvians now make up 25% of the population, a drop from 40% in 1991 when it regained independence. Estonia recognizes the danger of an unassimilated Russian population looking to Moscow for inspiration and requires Estonian to instruct in public and private schools. Anyone whose family moved to Estonia after 1940 must pass a citizenship test and demonstrate proficiency in Estonian before they can hold any government or professional position. Estonia has also blocked Russian television and other media influence since the invasion of Ukraine. Estonian policies guarantee that the Russian minority in Estonia will look like the American Indian, Irish, and other ethnic minorities within a generation. They will be Estonian but retain some Russian cultural influences. It’s a lot like America before the “melting pot” was “a bowl full of salmonella, listeria, and e.coli infected mixed vegetables.”

According to Kremlin-backed media Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson described the decision as a manipulation of the Russian-speaking community living here, which treasures the memory of anti-fascist heroism’.

She said that the blasphemous decision taken by the Latvian parliamentarians will be strongly condemned not only by Russia but by all reasonable forces around the globe.

At the same, this legislative act isn’t surprising, as the ruling regime of Latvia has long been known for its neoNazi preferences, and attempts to cover up the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany’s henchmen.

“Just as Riga covers all the crimes committed by the Kyiv regime against civilians living in Ukraine and Donbas. We believe that this history will place everything in its proper place.”

The rapacious regime in Moscow is a danger to Latvia. It has been colonized and conquered once before and does not want it to happen again. It needed to remember the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 when Crimea was annexed. An insurgency created Donetsk (and Luhansk) with foreboding. A disloyal Russian-speaking population demanded that Ukraine be separated. Russian troops responded to the request. In 2014, I wrote about Russia’s threat to NATO and the Baltic States by American weakness. Obama’s Tallinn speech almost guarantees peace today. How Putin Dismembers NATO without Firing A Shot. An example of the Cold War scenario

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has a silver lining. He did what was thought impossible: he expanded NATO to Finland, and Sweden, and drained part of Europe of cheap Russian gas. Because Moscow is non-negotiable, he has persuaded countries once fearful of Moscow to take positive steps for their security.