Joy Reid, MSNBC’s Resident Racist


Joy Reid is back at it again. She never stopped being bigoted.

Reid once ran a blog in which she engaged in antisemitic rhetoric and antigay. After realizing that her target audience wasn’t interested in that, Reid found a new group to hate: white people, particularly heterosexual conservatives (including a teenage boy).

Why should anyone hate anybody? It’s not impressive to see people hate. Hating someone who is socially acceptable to hate — Christians, whites, southerners — only shows that you are a coward. Is there an end to anti-white pathology?

Comcast might decide that anti-white racism is too serious to subside and end their support for Reid. Her odiousness reminds me of antisemitic conspiracy theories. MSNBC should not tolerate the incessant blaming of all the world’s problems on one group — effectively dehumanizing them —

Miranda Devine, a dynamite New York Post journalist, had a dynamite New York Post article on Monday. She reminded everyone that Miranda was a woman with a seven-figure income who went to Harvard. Her privileges are greater than those of her 17-year old son, who was in Kenosha as a lifeguard, when the BLM-Antifa riots of August 2020 broke out. Reid continues to play the victim, and she makes her living by pointing fingers at those less fortunate than herself.”

Devine said Reid’s ratings were terrible.

She wrote, “Every night she spews hate against white people.” She wrote, “Who knows what her pathology is, but it’s not healthy for her or her shrinking audience. MSNBC should be ashamed for promoting such a hate-filled racist onto prime time. She is completely lackluster …. But, for some inexplicable reason, she was protected by Teflon at the network despite being exposed to homophobic and antisemitic comments on her blog.