Joe Biden Lashes Out At Another Reporter Who Challenged Him

By Justin Vallejo August 11, 2021 | Image Source: Independent CO. UK.

Joe Biden’s press conference yesterday was an unmitigated disaster. President Puddinghead was supposed to go out and make the American people feel better about the CDC’s non-science-based decision on masks. Instead, he told Americans who got shots to blame their fellow Americans who didn’t get shots. He “reassured” V-worded Americans they are safe, but they should cover their faces anyway. And as Old Man Withers is known to do, he lashed out at a reporter who dared questioned him.

Of course, it was Peter Doocy.

DOOCY: Mr. President, you told the American people if they did what you told them to do they wouldn’t have to wear masks any more.

THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER: Malarky! I never said that! Did your dad tell you to say that?

DOOCY: Mr. President, with all due respect, yes you did.


DOOCY: Yes way. In May. There is a video on your Twitter page and everything.

THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER: Yeah, but that was then. The Scientists told me something different now and I do whatever The Scientists tell me to do.

DOOCY: But you’re the president. No one elected The Scientists.

THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER: That’s it, I sentence you to be deplatformed for misinformation.

DOOCY: It doesn’t work like that.


If Joe Biden were Donald Trump, the media might realize what a jerk he is to them. But I guess in Biden’s defense, once I left the money on the nightstand, I wouldn’t want to hear any lip either. But this is a pattern. He gets old-man angry whenever he’s challenged. He insults reporters who ask unapproved questions. And he REALLY hates it when you ruin his walk-off.

I’m sure Biden rehearses his “mic drop” moment more than he does his speech. Practices in the mirror. He might even have a consultant or choreographer to block out his “big man” moment as he struts away from the podium. When reporters ruin it by doing things like THEIR JOB, it means all that work he put into the walk-off was for naught. Now he just looks like a cranky old man who can’t handle the simple task of answering a question.

That’s the more scary thing. In what’s left of Biden’s brain, he doesn’t think he should be questioned AT ALL. Not by reporters. Not by the American people. That means both groups need to be doing it more.

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Author: Brodigan

Source: Louder With Crowder: Sensing A Pattern? Joe Biden Lashes Out At Another Reporter Who Dared Challenge Him