January 6th Protestors Getting Long Prison Sentences and One Killed Himself


Lefty politicians, judges, and prosecutors believe that sending violent criminals into jail is cruel, as you may have seen. Bail laws were scrapped across the country, allowing dangerous and habitual criminals to be convicted, spend a few hours in prison (if they are caught), then return to the streets at rush hour to attack more people.

After perforating two students, a teacher, and other school shooters, Timothy Simpkins was only 24 hours in prison.

New York libs push the “Dignity Not Detention Act” to keep illegal immigrants from jail.

A deranged thug also attacked a woman in New York, despite having been arrested 44 times before. He smeared her eyes, nose, and head with his own feces, even though he had previously been charged.

What is it like to stay locked up in this country for so long? Take a quick tour through the U.S. Capitol’s open doors.

Many peaceful protestors who walked through the Capitol and stopped to take insurrectionary selfies and give Capitol police fist-bumps are now being held without due process. Some of the plea bargained-for defendants are currently in federal prison for years.

January 6th protestor, buffalo horn man Jacob Chansley was granted 41 months for his famous tour to The People’s Nancy Pelosi House. He was also accused of carrying a flag pole with a “spear tip,” making it dangerous.

FACT-O-RAMA! FACT-O-RAMA!  A single man cannot topple the U.S. government with a caveman weapon.

Chansley made a mistake. He would have partnered with Hunter Biden and befriended him if he had any brains. This was just like Devon Archer. Archer will spend only one year in prison.

Adam Johnson, another protestor who stole Pelosi’s lectern plead guilty to one charge: “Entering and remaining in restricted building or grounds.” Johnson was sentenced to 75 days in prison, 200 hours of community service, and a $5,000 fine. Because of Ukraine, the judge gave an absurd sentence to the protestor. Seriously.

“That’s what countries see, just like what we are seeing in Ukraine. “That’s where it’s headed if there’s nothing we can do to stop it,” U.S. District Judge Reggie Judge Walton stated before the courtroom.

Judge Walton should get basic cable and watch the news to keep up with current events. Ukraine is not the place to steal the podium of the queen of the Lizard People.

FACT-O-RAMA! Swiping Pelosi’s lectern won’t, can’t, lead to a Russian invasion in the United States.

J6 defendants try to move their court dates to another location, claiming bias in Washington, D.C. courts. Good luck. Biden’s cronies keep those flag-waver’s traitors close at home and are taking a hard line against them.

Matthew Perna, a J6 protestor, is now on the scene. Prosecutors were looking to send Perna to federal prison for 51 months for his peaceful 20-minute, between-the-velvet-ropes tour of the Capitol. According to the feds, Perna tapped on a window with an iron pole, but it wasn’t broken. “Domestic terrorism deterrence” was the extreme sentence.

Perna was fed up with the lib rage in Sharon, Pa. Perna couldn’t believe he would spend 51+ months in prison for peacefully protesting. Last week, he committed suicide.

Perna’s obituary stated that Perna didn’t touch, break or steal anything. Perna did not cause any harm, and he kept to the velvet ropes while taking photos. He was persecuted for this act by many of his friends, family, and strangers.

FACT-O-RAMA! In August 2021, the FBI acknowledged that there was no insurrection on January 6.

This is what the lefty mob loves. They want us all dead. As you read this, the liberal Pennsylvania ass-goblins that raged against Perna are likely to be toasting his death at a bar in a bowling alley.

While the left looks away to see CNN, a group of shoplifters steals shops from blue cities across the country. Violent criminals smuggle out of jail laughingly to commit more felonies against people of color (especially Asians). That’s fine.

However, patriots who take selfies have to leave.