Israel Takes Out, Mocks Hamas Intel Chiefs: Looks Like Our Intel Was Better

By Joel B. Pollak May 13, 2021 | Image Source: Breitbart

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted senior intelligence and counter-intelligence officers from the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group on Tuesday, adding in a post on Twitter: “Looks like our intel was better.”

Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians continued into Wednesday, with Hamas firing an anti-tank missile at a jeep driving on a road in Israel, killing one and injuring three Israelis.

Several Israeli Arab citizens are among the dead in the Palestinian terror attacks, which do not distinguish between Jews and Arabs.

In response, Israel is targeting Hamas infrastructure and leadership in Gaza. The Times of Israel reported Wednesday:

The Shin Bet security service identifies four top Hamas commanders who were killed in its joint operation with the Israel Defense Forces, along with two others who were killed in an earlier strike on a Hamas base.

Bassem Issa, the commander of Hamas’s Gaza City Brigade; Jamaa Tahla, the head of its cyber command and responsible for improving the accuracy of the group’s rockets; Jamal Zabeda, the head of research and special projects in its munitions productions department; and Hazzem Hatib, Hamas’s chief engineer in its munitions department were all killed in the strikes, the Shin Bet says.

According to the security service, Sami Radwan, who leads Hamas’s technical intelligence department, and Walid Smali, who was in charge of industrial equipment for the group’s weapons production department, were also killed in earlier attacks on Hamas sites.

Israel has extended emergency restrictions for the southern portion of the country for two weeks, the Times reports, suggesting that the Israeli government is anticipating a longer conflict.

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Author: Joel B. Pollak

Source: Breitbart: Israel Takes Out, Mocks Hamas Intel Chiefs: ‘Looks Like Our Intel Was Better’