If After Looting Comes Shooting, What’s After Shooting?

By Washington JD Rucker June 04, 2020 | Image Source: Noq Report

Within a day or two of the start of the riots that have engulfed this nation, it was crystal clear to anyone paying attention that this wasn’t really about George Floyd. At first it seemed akin to the looting that followed the Rodney King verdict in which opportunistic people decided to use the chaos of riots to rob stores. But that was relatively quickly quelled and isolated. This situation has revealed itself to be a full-blown, meticulously planned attempt to initiate anarchy in America.

This isn’t just about Black Lives Matter, though they’re the pawns at the tip of the spear. This isn’t just about Antifa, though they’re the lieutenants at street level instigating the chaos and carrying out the plan. Whoever is in charge from the top, whether that’s George Soros, American Communists, China, or someone else, this is a well-funded engagement that has been planned for a long time, and that should worry us because it isn’t going away soon. This isn’t going to fade. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The next phase of this planned terrorism is to introduce bombings into the mix. We’ve seen reports throughout the day of explosives being found in various places around the country. It’s not isolated to an “Illinois man” charged with planned terrorist attacks with explosives. This is widespread and, unfortunately, law enforcement is spread too thin to bring down all of the plots.

BREAKING: 2 crates filled with pipe bombs discovered near Korean War Memorial in DC after suspects spotted in bushes. Federal assets in pursuit

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) June 2, 2020

This is another indicator that the plan is just getting started. Following several days of successfully looting thousands of stores across the nation, a report yesterday indicated at least one Antifa cell in Washington had called for armed escalation against law enforcement. Then, we saw these plans become reality in multiple cities.

Very soon, this is going to escalate to bombings. That’s the next logical step for those bent on insurrection and anarchy, but it won’t end with that. Now that President Trump has announced he is calling on all major cities and states to utilize the National Guard, he has also noted that military will be deployed wherever there is a need. When that happens, these riots will move to the suburbs, rural areas, and wherever the military isn’t “dominating the streets,” as the President noted.

Author: Washington JD Rucker

Source: Noq Report: Next up for anarchists: Bombs