How Trump Responded When A High-Ranking Rep. Called On Him To Concede

By Beth Baumann November 23, 2020 | Image Source: Town Hall

House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) on Saturday called on President Donald Trump to either produce evidence of election fraud or accept the results of the election, meaning Joe Biden would be the next president.

“America is governed by the rule of law. The President and his lawyers have made claims of criminality and widespread fraud, which they allege could impact election results. If they have genuine evidence of this, they are obligated to present it immediately in court and to the American people,” Cheney said in a statement. “I understand that the President has filed more than thirty separate lawsuits. If he is unsatisfied with the results in those lawsuits, then the appropriate avenue is to appeal.”

“If the President cannot prove these claims or demonstrate that they would change the election result, he should fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by respecting the sanctity of our electoral process,” she said.

President Trump took to Twitter, saying he refuses to concede the election to Biden when “hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes” have the ability to “easily flip the Election.”

Trump’s legal team has repeatedly said there is evidence of voter fraud. Sidney Powell has repeatedly said software and election officials have the ability to flip votes, in this case from Trump to Biden. She claimed the Trump Team also has evidence of dead people voting in the election, something Corey Lewandowski talked about in Pennsylvania earlier this month. Rudy Giuliani has also gone into details about alleged patterns of voter fraud in multiple states. 

There are also multiple USPS whistleblowers who have come forward alleging voter fraud. There are sworn affidavits from poll watchers saying they were denied access to watch ballot counting and reports of dead people voting.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Town Hall: How Trump Responded When a High-Ranking Republican Called on Him to Concede