How Could the West Coast be Such A Mess to Even Think About the Death of Women and Children?


Dear West Coast readers, your humble correspondent will answer a question that has been around since Adam’s time. This is a complex question that has scientific certainty because of its Gordian Knot implications.

What does being a woman mean?

Kentaji Brown Jackson, a Supreme Court nominee, was asked this question. “Not in that situation. Jackson responded, “I’m no biologist.” Jackson answered, “I’m not a biologist.” Jackson returned the following day to declare herself to be a woman. This is a good thing for Joe Biden, who had promised to deliver a female and black Supreme Court nominee.

She is not the only one confused about what a “woman” means. It all depends on what the Leftists’ political answer is.

Scientists in Seattle are having trouble solving the mystery. Evergreen Health Medical Center told Jason Rantz, KTTH radio’s great source of information that the female conundrum had reached Kirkland maternity hospital.

The term “maternity”, which connotes a “maternal”, is not inclusive enough.

According to the memo, science-y people claimed that “Leadership has been drawn from staff members and patients to show that Family Maternity Center’s title does not imply inclusion.” The memo stated that anyone can have children.

They are all “women” You are very welcome.

Lessons from the Washington State first-grade classroom may help you understand where the confusion is coming from.

Can you find the exact date and position of an asteroid in space? It would be great to go with some of these people. If you haven’t been paying close over the past 40-years, you might not have noticed that this woke mob doesn’t like babies. California’s science-minded Gosnell Democrats introduced a bill to allow babies to die in utero and after birth.

California Life News is concerned about AB2223. It “would protect a mom against civil and criminal prosecutions for any actions or omissions” regarding her pregnancy. However, all of these include the death within seven days following birth.

Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, created the “Future of Abortion Council” to protect California from Roe v Wade. This would allow states to return to baby-killing. While they might not be able to define what a woman and what a “perinatal baby” are, it seems like women and children are being eliminated first as West Civilization’s Titanic hits an island.

Maybe if we told them the babies identify themselves with dogs, they’d want to “rescue” them.

Last but not least, what does losing look like? Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown established a panel to stop more jobs being left her state in favor of Texas, North Carolina, or Florida.

Lady, take a look in the mirror.

It’s okay to be called “lady”, right?