Home Depot Says They’re White Privileged Oppressors and Marginalized Victims


This is where privilege rules supreme and where people suffer while others rule. This dimension is full of extreme inequality and great difference.

The pernicious Prince-Pauper paradigm at The Home Depot reveals how you can see the terrible face of inequity. This refers to an inequitable variation between store staff.

It’s something you’ve probably noticed: While you searched for the perfect PVC pipe or pirate yard ornament, you were bound to be struck by how many social ladder rungs you saw in the orange apron worn by viceroys.

A home-improvement company attempted to restructure society recently.

Twitter user Libs of Tik Tok posted a Home Depot worksheet titled, “Unpacking Privilege” which was shared by the company. ” “The handout states that “a person may or not be aware of their privilege.”

DIYers must know where to get a 2-pound bag of bat-guano, and a small bottle of coyote urine. Social Privilege – A unique, unearned advantage that can be used to one’s benefit or disadvantage.

White Privilege: Social benefits are more beneficial to whites than those enjoyed by people of color living in similar socioeconomic and social circumstances.

These look like a privilege:

College was something you had in mind as a child but it wasn’t a goal.

You have a Christian privilege if you are able to take time off work to observe religious holidays.

You have the cisgender privilege if you can use public toilets with no fear, anxiety, or staring.

Those who are able to walk and use their arms can go into stores without worrying about how they will get in.

You have the heterosexual privilege if you cannot explain to your spouse that you are of the same gender.

Last, but not least:

The privilege of White guarantees you’ll be protected by the police.

Staff can use a checklist to help them understand their role.

Check Your Privilege








It’s an exciting time. Institutions have never attempted to convince people they are losers. Home Depot believes that racism is “Racial Privilege+ power” and therefore is a source of suffering.

If you are white, you will feel uncomfortable. Is it awkward to discuss white privilege? When someone isn’t used or used to being called his/her race, it can be uncomfortable to say “white”.

If you don’t understand the concept of White Privilege, conduct self-interrogation.

What does this lens mean to me for understanding racial dynamics and race relations?

What can I do to help my unease and reveal the assumptions that I have made?

Does it make sense that my race is white?

Would this be a good idea?

It’s not necessary.

What makes low-wage workers so upset about a company’s decision not to sell lawn fertilizer and dog perfume? Home Depot provided insight Wednesday to The New York Post. Home Depot spokesperson in the US confirmed that the notice regarding white privilege came from Canada. The flyer featured a Home Depot logo at its top. Similar information could be published nationwide, given the diversity and inclusion of the company.

I am happy to report that I was right in the interim. Monday morning I was in Beverly Hills. My eyes were drawn to the gorgeous homes and yards, Buckingham-worthy gates, Buckingham-worthy walls, and multi-chimneyed homes. I was overwhelmed by the privilege of living in such beautiful streets.

I also made the irrational assumption that entitled sacks work at The Home Depot.