Greitens Accused of Domestic Violence and Other Missouri Senate Candidates Express Their Opinions


We’ve been following the US Senate race closely in Missouri. Several candidates have declared their candidacies following Roy Blunt’s announcement that he would not be seeking another term. These include Eric Greitens, former Governor, and Eric Schmitt, current Attorney General. Vicky Hartzler, a US Representative. Billy Long is the US Representative.

Early polling indicates Greitens is ahead, but a Trafalgar Group survey showed Greitens fared the worst in head-to-head match-ups against top Democrat candidates. After a scandal/controversy involving Greitens’ hairdresser, he resigned in 2018. Greitens is also accused of threatening Greitens with publishing photos of Greitens’ undress if Greitens discloses the affair. This explains why Democrats pressure Greitens to vote in the primary.

Greitens was charged with domestic abuse on Monday. According to Sheena Chestnut Greitens’s affidavit, this is the basis for Greitens being accused of domestic abuse. According to the Associated Press, the affidavit was filed as part of the pending custody proceedings.

Sheena Greitens claims her ex-husband has threatened her reputation by using political connections to obtain custody of her children

Sheena Greitens claimed Eric “knocked” me down during an April 2018 argument and took my keys, wallet, phone, and keys. Sheena Greitens filed that Eric had “knocked me down” during an argument in April 2018 and taken my phone, wallet, and keys. She later added that Eric’s behavior included violence against our children, such as handcuffing Eric across the face at the dinner table, pulling his hair, and grabbing his head. ”

Following the revelation, the other nominees made statements about the allegations. They did not back down.

Vicky Hartzler was suspended from Twitter for challenging the dominant narrative regarding transgender athletes. She posted this video on Facebook calling for Greitens to be removed:

“Real men don’t abuse children or women. Hartzler said that Eric should be removed from the Senate race and seek professional help.

According to the Springfield News-Leader: Hartzler is the only woman Republican candidate. In an early advertisement, Hartzler stated that she would not vote for Greitens if she was proven wrong. She also said that she makes appointments when she sees a hairdresser. Hartzler also told reporters she wouldn’t vote for Greitens if they won the Republican nomination.

Eric Schmitt, Missouri’s Attorney General, is another strong contender for the seat. He said that Greitens belong inside prison, not in a U.S. Senate Race.

Congressman Billy Long also condemned the revelations and called for Greitens to resign.

Missouri’s Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, also a top contender for the seat, went a step further, asserting that  Greitens belonged in prison, not a U.S. Senate race:

Schatz also requested Greitens to “end his campaign immediately.” He stated that Greitens’ allegations against Greitens are “a long-standing pattern in abuse towards his wife, children, and partner.” McCloskey stated that Eric should be in prison rather than running our country. ”

While they will all be competing for the GOP nomination, it seems like all candidates (except Greitens) are united in this regard.

But, it’s not only his potential opponents who are strongly opposed to the news. Josh Hawley will soon become the senior senator from Missouri. He will serve alongside whoever wins the seat in November.

Greitens refutes all allegations. They are only allegations.

Eric Greitens released statements calling Greitens ‘deranged’ and stating:

“I will love my sons and fight against baseless and false accusations. I will pray for their mom and hope she gets the support she requires. Liberal media and political operatives can be prone to lying. However, I believe in truth and have faith it will prevail.

Further, Greitens contends that his ex-wife’s allegations are connected to Mitch McConnell, stemming from his vow to vote against McConnell as a leader should if he wins the seat.

Greitens appears to agree with Congressman Long in this regard: