Google Introduces Prompts to Make Sure You Write Like a Leftist


To promote freedom of speech, Elon Musk bought Twitter, but perhaps not coincidentally, both former president Barack Obama and never-president Hillary Clinton have recently come out strongly in favor of speech restrictions. It’s clear that the powerful forces that want to silence political and cultural dissent in this country today and make it impossible for anything but the Left’s favored positions, are not giving up, Elon Musk or no Elon Musk. Google has added a feature to Google Docs that will nudge writers toward using language that is more “inclusive,” that is, more in line with Leftist sensibilities.

Google stated that the new features will offer “a variety of tone suggestions to help you create impactful documents faster.” Google Docs will allow you to differentiate between Faulkner and Hemingway’s tone suggestions”.

Google Docs offers readers the option to use “more inclusive words, phrases”, and to reconsider “potentially wrong words.” Rebecca Baird Remba is a journalist in real estate. She tweeted a screenshot from Google Docs. It showed that she could type in the word “landlord”, which was what it took to open Google Docs. The prompt said: “Inclusive language: Some words maybe not be accessible to all readers.” Baird-Remba answered skeptical questions by saying: “I love how people are asking me whether this is true. “Yes! This came up in the first sentence when I was creating a lease story with google docs.

Baird-Remba responded to the tweet with a screenshot from the “Microsoft Editor Settings”. The screen allows users to choose boxes that will enable automatic flagging for “Age Bias”, Cultural Bias,” Ethnic Slurs, and “Gender Bias” as well as “Gender Neutral Pronouns.” Although it’s possible to ignore the boxes, it is easy for readers to see the day when people who want to freely write will need to buy an old typewriter in order to distribute their work furtively. This is similar to what the Soviet Union did with the Samizdat literature.

Vice used Google Docs’ new features to run some famous phrases with stunning results last Tuesday. Google suggested that Martin Luther King Jr. talks about ‘the intense urgency now’ instead of a ‘fierce urgent now’ in his I Have a Dream speech. Google also suggested that Valerie Solanas (a radical feminist) should use the term “police officers” instead of “policemen”. Google’s robot suggests to me that Jesus or at least the translators for the King James Bible doesn’t have it easy. Instead of describing God’s amazing works, he should use the words “great”, “‘marvelous, or ‘lovely.”

Google Docs is not great, marvelous, or lovely. According to Ireland’s Buzz on Monday, free speech campaigner Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch observed that “Google’s new word warnings aren’t assistive, they’re deeply intrusive. This speech-policing is profoundly clumsy, creepy and wrong, often reinforcing bias.” But of course, that’s precisely the idea: to reinforce Leftist biases in the user, and to make him or she assume that they are as natural as breathing, ubiquitous, and never to be questioned. Can Elon Musk buy Google?

Maybe we will have to boycott Google and use Bing or Yahoo to search, just like the majority of us are banning Disney. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how society thinks and operates today, it is sickening.