Glenn Beck: Future Of The Nation Depends On A Trump Reelection

By Martywalsh June 09, 2020 | Image Source: Trending Politics

Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck stunned a lot of people when he warned that it will be the “end of the country as we know it” if President Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2020.

The dire warning came during an appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity, where the two were discussing the 2020 presidential election and many of the radical policies Democrats support.

“If the Republicans don’t win in this next election, I think we are officially at the end of the country as we know it,” Beck warned. “We may not survive even if we win, but we definitely don’t if the Republicans lose with Donald Trump.”

“I said what was coming and the last few steps were that the radicals, the anarchists, the Islamists, the socialists would all gather together, they would not be working together, plotting together, but they would see the opportunity and they would all come together and work to destabilize Europe and America,” he said. “And that is exactly what is happening.”

Beck argued that the rise of radicalism and socialism within the Democratic Party is reaching critical levels, and that such policies would ruin everything the country was built on.

“When are we going to have our Labour Party movement, where you have that in England where the Socialist Party has noticed ‘Wow, we are just full of radicals and anti-Semites,'” Beck wondered.

“Members of the Labour Party in England are leaving saying ‘This is too radical for me.’ When are the average people going to leave the Democratic Party, or at least wake up?” he asked.

Hannity responded by saying he completely agreed with what Beck was arguing.



Beck was anti-Trump for many years, but the Left has become so radical that even some of Trump’s most ardent detractors are now supporting him.

Last year, Beck delivered an emotional message when he revealed how Trump proved him wrong with bold actions.

Beck said Trump’s strong pro-life position, support for Israel, opposition to socialism, and pursuit of getting conservative judges appointed to the courts had made him a big supporter.

“Look, I think I’ve been very consistent. I was judging Donald Trump on his record prior to being president of the United States. That’s all you had to judge him on,” Beck began.

“I said after the election that he is my president,” he continued, “and it is in our best interest that our president succeeds, and I want him to succeed and I said over and over again, I hope that I’m wrong, and if I am, I’ll be the first to admit it.

“Once he got into office, now he’s the president,” he added, “so now I’m not judging him on the past, I’m judging him on what he’s doing, and I call balls and strikes. And quite honestly, Sean, early on, I said, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that. By the time he got to Israel, he was proving me wrong every step of the way on his policies.”

“I was happy, happy, thrilled to say he’s doing the things he said he would do,” Beck concluded.

Author: Martywalsh

Source: Trending Politics: Glenn Beck Warns If Trump Is Not Re-Elected, ‘We Are Officially At The End Of The Country As We Know It’