French High School Teacher Takes Fine Arts Week to Whole New Level by Performing in Drag for Students


At a Wisconsin high school, students were treated to an extraordinary experience by Matthew Kashdan (a French teacher). He did a lip-syncing drag routine.

Matthew actually dressed in drag and did a performance for his class, as demonstrated in the online video.

Lady Gaga/Ariana Grande’s super-sized shower was a huge success. “Rain on Me,” which featured Wonder Woman colors, saw the teacher do Wonder Woman costumes.

Matthew performed the act as part of Middleton High School’s “Fine Arts Week.” His purple wig complimented his red dress and boots.

Some parents felt the foray was too difficult.

Empower Wisconsin reported a father sent Vicki McKenna (a conservative talk-show host) a message detailing their ordeal.

They were accepted for their complaint: Matthew Kashdan decided to put on a drag show at school. What can he do for his students?

Shannon Valladolid, director of Information and Public Relations at Middleton Cross Plains school district, stated that Fine Arts Week attendance is subject to parental consent.

And:  Staff and students enjoy the performances throughout the week.

A spokesperson from the school system stated that one parent had complained.

The country appears to be on the right track. Matthew’s performance was actually reviewed by the MHS faculty before being displayed.

It was unthinkable that 20 years ago, a teacher would plan to drag students. It wouldn’t have been approved by staff. It wouldn’t have been approved by students.

They may have.

They are probabilities because of social evolution, just like all the other unlikely’s.

Given the current national debate over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, it’s possible that Middleton’s timing was a little curious. Perhaps Middleton was simply expressing its opinions on the matter.

Drag is so common, that it might just be an accident.

Middleton High has experienced a dramatic transformation in education. Teachers now display Pride flags in their classrooms as “LGBTQ is a magnet”

More Americans can join the ranks as more letters are added.

A cultural revolution is taking place in the rainbow-adorned clouds, but we can’t allow this to happen.