French Forces Doing Something In Afghanistan Biden Officials Said Could Not Be Done

By Matt Vespa August 21, 2021 | Image Source: Town Hall

We’re a mess in Afghanistan. You all know this, but when the French can do something that we were told cannot be done by Biden officials—then, you know this is a cluster. The French were able to evacuate their citizens and the Afghans who had assisted them, along with their families, safely out of the country.

Juxtaposed that with what Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said concerning how the United States is incapable of collecting large amounts of Americans right now. We don’t have the capability. Yeah, that’s some real crackerjack talk coming from the folks leading our military. Not only that but both he and Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, fought in this war. They’ve lead troops. They’ve had to study this conflict. What were they doing because this chaotic scene just shows that nobody really knew what was going on?

It’s well that Biden finally says that we’ll have troops in Afghanistan until every American is out. There’s still no plan. Right now, we’re staying but not venturing out to get our citizens. We’re trusting the Taliban to not hurt them. The same Taliban that’s going door-to-door killing Afghans who helped American troops. They’re just waiting until we leave to commence an operation of wholesale slaughter and rape.

Diplomacy is not back. Biden wouldn’t return calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was rightfully vexed over our disastrous exit. All our allies were caught off guard since we kept the in the dark. Leadership is not back. The adults are not back in the White House. These clowns thought they could go on vacation as the nation descended into pandemonium…with American citizens trapped.

We’re rolling C-squad in every aspect of governance here. Rudderless and incompetent maybe we should look to the French here, but only in this instance because they’re getting their people out. We cannot say the same right now, which is pathetic.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: French Forces Doing Something in Afghanistan that Biden Officials Said Could Not Be Done