Four EU and NATO Presidents Visit Kyiv to Discuss Security, Weapons, and War Crimes


Wednesday, the Presidents of Estonia (Egils Levits), Lithuania (Polish), Lithuania (Gitanas Nauseda), and Poland (Andrzej Duda) paid a visit to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his home turf.

This meeting takes place as the war pace slows down and Russians attempt to re-fit and replenish the formations that were active around Kyiv, Kharkiv, and six weeks prior to being evacuated.

Lithuania said it would start training Ukrainian troops in Lithuania.

Russia proposed another “denazification mission” to Estonia. Estonia insists that Estonian citizens can speak Estonian and are familiar with basic facts about Estonian history. It also changed the Russocentric May 9, celebrations of the end of World War II to a day of memorialization of the war in Ukraine. (Latvia is Russia’s Newest Target under Russia’s Denazification Program span>

All Baltic States have stopped buying Russian gas. Poland will also follow their lead.

Our main message was to stand with Ukraine in opposition to Russian war crimes.

To send a message, these heads of state put emphasis on mass burials and other crime scenes in order to recall the Red Army’s “fraternal” occupation during World War 2. They will not allow Russia’s crimes against Ukraine to go unreported.

Also, we are witnessing a new informal bloc of northeastern Europe headed by Poland.