Former President Donald Trump Will Visit NYC

By Larry Celona and Mark Moore March 08, 2021 | Image Source: NY Post

Former President Donald Trump will travel to New York City as soon as Sunday — his first visit to the Big Apple since leaving the White House in January, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The NYPD last month began removing some of the barriers in front of Trump Tower, where the president stays while in Manhattan, and reopened East 57th Street near it. The security measures were put in place four years ago when Trump entered the White House.

Trump, who was born in Queens and became a real-estate developer in Manhattan, changed his residency to Mar-a-Lago, his exclusive resort in Florida, in October 2019.

“I hereby declare that my above-described residence and abode in the State of Florida constitutes my predominant and principal home, and I intend to continue it permanently as such,” he said in a document requesting the residency change.

Author: Larry Celona,
Mark Moore

Source: NY Post: Donald Trump will visit NYC as soon as Sunday