Former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Racketeering?


Former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, once considered the most powerful politician in the country, was indicted for racketeering charges and bribery in connection to his many “pay-to-play” schemes.

Madigan was the House speaker for forty years. During that time, he helped to make or break many politicians’ political careers. Any company wanting to do business in Illinois felt his long reach.

This is why he was able to gain so much.

Fox News: Between 2011 and 2019, Madigan and Michael McClain were accused of running a criminal enterprise that sought bribes from him, his associates, and his law practice. McClain was allegedly involved in illegal activities at Madigan’s direction.

McClain and Madigan allegedly caused businesses including Commonwealth Edison to pay Madigan’s associates monetary payments as a reward for their loyalty to Madigan. Sometimes, this was in return for doing little or no legitimate work for them,” the U.S. Justice Department stated.

He is also accused of illegally directing private legal work to his law office, which includes Chicago-based business people.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker tried ridiculously to claim credit for the indictment despite the fact the investigation predated him taking office and that it wasn’t an Illinois prosecutor or investigative agent who brought down Madigan.

“I have been saying for years that we must eradicate corruption wherever it is found. That’s why we passed and I signed ethics reforms in Illinois,” Gov. Wednesday’s statement was made by J.B. Pritzker.

Republicans took advantage of Madigan’s connections to Pritzker, who was up for reelection this year. FOX 32 reports that Madigan assisted Pritzker in drafting important legislation during his first year of office.

Pritzker is a poor memory if he doesn’t remember the millions of dollars in donations Madigan’s political action committees received, as well as those from political and business cronies that helped him win.

The Republicans will remind voters.

He stated that the 22-count federal indictment of former Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan was the first step in the power washing needed in the Illinois government. “But this indictment is not against Michael Madigan. It is an indictment against Illinois’ Democrat Party, which he ran for many decades.”

Republican candidate for governor Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin claimed Madigan was in a “destructive 40-year reign” and accused Pritzker, accusing Pritzker of “enabling Madigan to receive millions in campaign contributions.”

If you think the Madigan Indictment means that Illinois politics is changing, we are sorry. There are many other “mini-Madigan’s”, who play the exact same games.