Florida Election Crimes Will Not Be Forgotten By DeSantis


For more than a decade, a crisis in government malfeasance has affected the integrity of our elections. There are currently no criminal charges for election crimes at both the county and federal levels.

We have data from Florida that shows serious electoral crimes were not investigated by the federal and county prosecutors.

Vote-fraud deniers will brag about how rare voter fraud is.

But, whether or not prosecutors pursue electoral crimes they know of is just one weak link in the logical chain. Now we have data about whether it is possible to prosecute electoral crimes.

This is significant because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suggested that the state be given authority to investigate, prosecute, and prosecute electoral crimes.

Let’s have a look at the data.

Only nine large Florida counties sent more than 150 referrals for county prosecutors to investigate election crimes during the 2018 and 2020 federal elections.

Referrals to election crimes for voting acts such as voting twice, voting at unregistered addresses, or voting by foreigners.

Were all referrals to pipe lock crimes? Maybe. It’s possible.

How many of those 156 referrals resulted in criminal prosecutions?

It would be accurate if you guess zero.

This refers to Dade and Broward in Palm Beach. Hillsborough County. The Soros-funded county election supervisor stated that his policy is not to refer election crimes to the prosecutor.

You get more election crimes if you don’t prosecute electoral crimes.

The Heritage Foundation has been filling in a database of election crime convictions. If there are only a few thousand voter fraud convictions–convictions you can peruse by state here at the Heritage Foundation voter fraud database–vote fraud-deniers like Robert Reich will claim voter fraud isn’t really a problem. We all know that cases of theft don’t get caught and are often reduced to a court conviction.

Visualize what it would look like if the county prosecutor failed to prosecute theft cases referred by police.

These data matter because Governor Ron DeSantis suggested a solution to this government malfeasance, at least in Florida.

DeSantis must be stopped. The establishment media took action. After rejecting his first opinion piece, the Tampa Bay Times published Daniel Ruth’s article: ” What should Florida’s voter fraud agents do?”

The Washington Post was even more misleading. Beth Reinhard knew all the Safe Harbor data that showed that Florida county prosecutors had not prosecuted election crimes of fraud. She asked for the IRS form 990 of the organization that produced it.


Since 1994, the United States Justice Department has been afflicted by the same misconduct. We’ll soon get to that.

Vote fraud deniers will claim that the cases are too weak to prosecute, and the data is meaningless.

You can accept that. But, common sense and common sense will tell you otherwise.

Pilger resigned after the November 2020 election. He was honored by MSNBC. We discovered that he wasn’t actually resigning.

Since Obama was elected president, there have been two federal cases of voter fraud. One was for Trump-appointed U.S. officials. Pilger’s blocks were slammed and both were for noncitizens voting in Texas or North Carolina.

Fourteen years. Two federal efforts.

There are other options. Both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Florida (Miami) have reliable information over who voted in Florida in the federal election. Some might call them Snowbird double votes.

Federal employees with a duty to enforce made excuses for criminals and failed to take action. Worse, what if someone was just impersonating them? 

Impersonation is a federal offense, so it’s true. This doesn’t seem to have happened.

You get more election crimes if you don’t prosecute electoral crimes.

Although some county prosecutors might be excused from not following the law, it is possible that they don’t know what a federal form is or how to create a voter file. It is possible that they don’t even understand UOCAVA or NCOA. The election process can be complex. States need specially trained investigators and prosecutors.

Some county prosecutors might be a little hesitant. However, they have seen the reaction to any prosecutor who is investigating voter fraud.

Texas treats foreigners voting in Texas like Rosa Parks.

We must do something. Florida should follow Governor DeSantis’ plan to investigate and prosecute electoral crimes. They could start with hundreds of double voters who were snowbirds or other criminals that Florida has ignored for over a decade.