Final List: Trump Cites 603 Accomplishments, Tax Cuts, Judges, Border Wall

By Paul Bedard January 18, 2021 | Image Source: Daily Advent

As America turns to President-elect Joe Biden’s plan for his first 100 days, the Trump White House has finalized and released its list of over 600 “accomplishments.”

Minus the usual commentary of past lists, it cites 603 points that cover 2016 campaign promises made and initiatives put in place that officials said will form the basis of legacy President Trump plans to highlight in his library.

With two impeachments and the Capitol protests hanging over the president, few officials expect the list to win much attention initially.

“Nobody wants to hear about it,” said a national security official.

“No one’s going to believe it,” added a former campaign aide.

But others are urging supporters and insiders to talk up the achievements. In a Facebook post, social media czar Dan Scavino said, “I encourage all Trump administration officials to hold your heads up high, and be proud of what you have accomplished together, over the past four years, for the American people. While cancel culture kicks into high gear, and blacklisting of our names for future employment is underway, stay strong, and we will all prevail!”

But the riots “completely overshadowed” the accomplishments, said Ron Bonjean, a White House adviser and co-founder of ROKK Solutions, a well-connected and bipartisan Washington public relations firm.

“Instead of going out on a high note celebrating these successes, President Trump and whoever hasn’t resigned on his team are barely limping out of Washington taking the blame for the insurrection against Congress that left a number of people dead. Someday, historians may note all of the work that was done, but it’s being ignored for now,” he added.

The list touches on every facet of the Trump presidency and highlights success in the areas of immigration, taxes, Middle East peace, energy independence, deregulation, and hiring judges.

Interestingly, one of the longest sections covers the response to the coronavirus crisis, which some blame for his defeat to Biden.

Author: Paul Bedard

Source: Washington Examiner: Final list: Trump cites 603 ‘accomplishments,’ tax cuts, judges, border wall