Even Kamala’s Home State Hates Her


Kamala Harris may not be liked by America, but her home state is, right?

Not so much. According to the Los Angeles Times, Kamala’s approval rating in California’s blue state isn’t very high.

A recent LA Times poll by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies showed that only 38% of state voters approve of Harris’ performance in the role of vice president. 46% disapprove.

This is a significant drop in poll numbers from last summer. Harris’s California ratings seem to have followed a similar path as Biden’s poll numbers.

California is her home state, a deep blue one. Kamala won four statewide elections there. Despite the country’s famine, she should be respected by the state.

Hence, why doesn’t she do better?

Mark Barabak, the LATimes columnist, says Kamala’s biggest problem is not being able to replicate Montana.

He describes Montana as a small town with a long main street. Barabak wrote that Montanans know their politicians by name and, even if they are not considered friends, they have the familiarity of a neighbor.

He suggested that California could be described as a collection of states with multiple thruways. You can live a life within California and not come even close to any of its elected statewide leaders. They are often seen as strangers or only known through their television appearances.

Barabak says this is why Kamala Harris’ approval ratings among fellow Californians are so low.

Long-time Democratic strategist Katie Merrill argues that Voters don’t know Kamala well despite her having been in four state elections.

Hello, she won four state elections in California. California voters probably know her better than us, I believe.

But LATimes columnist Mark Baraba disagrees. Harris may have been elected to the state legislature four times in twelve years, twice as an attorney general and once as a senator. She was also Biden’s running mate in November 2020. However, she didn’t leave a strong impression. Two years into her Senate term, and after a dramatic entry into the presidential campaign, almost a quarter of California voters had not a single opinion on Harris’ job performance. This suggests that they were unaware of or care very little about her work. Harris is not the victim of this. Californians are not likely to pay much attention to politics unless it’s election season or when Donald Trump is torching our civic norms. It does help to explain why the Oakland native is struggling to find her feet in the vice presidency. There is no attachment or special relationship with voters.

What’s the point of making excuses about Kamala’s poor ratings? It’s not a bad idea to admit she is terrible at her job, making Hillary Clinton seem more likable.