Establishment Dem. Backed Candidate Goes Down Hard

By Dustin June 26th, 2020 | Image Source: America First Projects

Eliot Engel (D-NY) appears to have been defeated in the biggest upset in Tuesday’s primaries. Engel who has been a member of Congress since 1989 trails upstart Jamaal Bowman 61 – 36 in race that hasn’t been officially called or conceded yet.

Engel heads the high profile House Foreign Affairs Committee and his defeat is being compared to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s upset victory in 2018. Engel was backed by New York political powerhouses Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Governor Cuomo. Bowman is a middle school teacher.

Engel raised $1,997,994 in defeat against just $965,857 from Bowman.

i>Author: Dustin

Source: America First Projects: Democrats In Disarray After Massive New York Upset