ESPN Is Showing Us It Doesn’t Care About Diversity


ESPN spent a significant portion of its airtime the past year telling viewers that America and the world of sports are racist. Its most prominent voice, Stephen A. Smith, manufactured cases of white privilege. First Take, ESPN’s flagship program, counted the skin colors of the subjects it debated. ESPN, First Take, and Stephen A.

Smith worked to convince viewers that sports hold black people back in favor of white people. What evidence did they cite? They didn’t. Instead, they ignored the facts and refused to look in the mirror. Approximately 95.62333% of First Take’s topics focus on the NBA or NFL. Here are two numbers that are not estimates: 70% of NFL players are black, and people of color make up 81.7% of the NBA. Which sport is Smith saying is racist against black athletes, again? Oh, the white privilege. Meanwhile, when Smith is not talking about the NFL and NBA, he’s talking about ESPN, a network that pays him $12 million a year. He’s by far the highest of any ESPN on-air talent. He deserves it, but he would not make double the highest-paid white talent if what he said about the country were actually true. White supremacy would […]

Author: Bobby Burack