DeSantis Rips Disney A New One Over Parental Rights Bill


On Wednesday Gov. Ron DeSantis, Disney CEO, asked for a meeting to discuss the Parental Rights in Education Bill. Teachers cannot discuss “gender ideologies” or sexuality with their students.

Perhaps Disney thought it could convince DeSantis to block the legislation due to its large investment in the state. DeSantis refused to change and issued a public statement in which DeSantis pointed out the absurdity in the fake outrage.

DeSantis wasn’t done. His rage was so outlandish that I included the whole video.


This man is a true boss. Republicans in D.C. are pushing for an additional $1.5 trillion Omnibus Package. Other GOP governors are trying to reduce school choice bills. It is possible to do the right thing and it is refreshing to find a Republican who is not afraid to take risks.

The bill’s denial by Disney is also a joke. It doesn’t mention “gay” or prohibits teachers or students from discussing their families.

DeSantis remains the leader of the GOP when it comes to important issues. He shows Republicans that he is still the leader of the GOP on important issues.

DeSantis did much more than simply hold his ground. This is a remarkable feat. This is a false narrative. They should be criticized for their behavior.