DeSantis Does Not Attend Trump Rally In Florida, Citing Duty To Collapsed Condominium Residents

By Mike Brest July 04, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will not be in attendance at former President Donald Trump’s rally Saturday in Sarasota.

Trump’s rally is being held even though sources told the Washington Examiner that the governor tried to convince him to postpone it, given the Surfside condominium building that collapsed over a week ago that left at least 22 dead and 126 missing.

“He spoke with President Trump, who agreed that this was the right decision, as the Governor’s duty is to be in Surfside making sure the families and community have what they need in the aftermath of the tragic building collapse. Gov. DeSantis would have gone to this event in normal circumstances,” said Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s spokeswoman. “He is sure the rally will draw a big crowd on this holiday weekend, as many Floridians are excited to attend.”

Liz Harrington, a spokeswoman for Trump, defended the decision, saying that Trump had spearheaded the fundraising push.

“Like all Americans, President Trump sends his deepest condolences to those who’ve lost loved ones or been displaced by the terrible tragedy in Surfside. The event in Sarasota, however, is on the other side of the state, 3 1/2 hours away, approximately the same distance from Boston to New York, and will not impact any of the recovery efforts,” Harrington said. “In fact, President Trump has instructed his team to collect relief aid for Surfside families both online and on-site at the Sarasota rally.”

Both DeSantis and Trump, who also resides in Florida, are seen by many as possible 2024 presidential candidates.

People lined up outside the venue a day in advance for Trump’s rally.

Author: Mike Brest

Source: Washington Examiner: DeSantis will not attend Trump rally in Florida, citing ‘duty’ to collapsed condominium residents