Democrats Lay on the Gas as They Approach Mid-Term Cliff


Although the post-mortem reports on the November election will be extensive, it is easy to see the obvious mistakes made even before the midterm elections, which promise to sweep Republicans into power. There is no doubt that Democrats have a messaging problem. Some of this is their fault, while others are due to their failures in policy.

Inflation, gas prices, foreign policies disasters, and the border crisis are not things that can be masked with lofty language. There is little Democrats can do on this front to alter the political dynamics. Joe Biden and his party must own their boondoggles, regardless of whether or not they wish to.

Then there is the messaging that happens automatically. This is an example of this recent piece by The Washington Post.

In an article I wrote on Tuesday morning, I shared recent results from two focus groups. Both were comprised of Biden voters as well as his base voters. There was widespread discontent about the Democrat Party, with a focus on the most important issues that Americans care about. Inflation, COVID-19 restrictions, and crime.

They weren’t worried about January 6th, or Donald Trump holding rallies at which people believe that the 2020 election was stolen. Democrats continue to be interested in issues that are not of interest to them. They and the media obsess about marginal rhetoric, which is neither new nor dangerous at this time. However, normal people obsess about their bank accounts.

This is a significant messaging gap between Democrats and the electorate. They don’t speak the same language as Americans. This is important because people who feel ignored are more likely to be restless. This could lead to a depressed turnout in the mid-terms for Democrats, who were already likely to be beaten before making these mistakes.

But it gets worse. The left is also willing to lose issues such as promoting the sexualization of children. It’s a great feeling to shout about Gov. Ron DeSantis is the most popular supporter of the Parental Rights in Education legislation, according to polls. Add to that the current energy crisis, in which Democrats refuse to take action to increase domestic production, and lower prices, and it is clear that this platform will be a platform that angers and alienates most Americans going into November.

Democrats seem content to continue pushing the gas, as a mid-term cliff approaches. While I support this as a Republican, it is absurd for me to see how ridiculous that strategy is. It’s all hubris. We all know what comes next after pride.