Democrats Abroad Primary Won By Sanders


Bernie Sanders has won the Democrats Abroad primary, netting a handful of delegates but doing little damage to Joe Biden’s big lead.

Sanders won 58 percent of the vote, which included just under 40,000 Americans living abroad, and Sanders will be awarded nine delegates to the national convention over the summer, according to the release from Democrats Abroad. Biden won 23 percent of the vote and will take home four delegates.

Turnout was up 15 percent over 2016, Democrats Abroad said, for the group’s largest recorded primary. In-person voting took place from March 3 through March 10 at sites around the world. Voters could also submit electronic ballots. Americans living in the United Kingdom accounted for the most voters (5,689), with Germany, Canada, France and Mexico rounding out the top five.

“When it comes to our 2020 efforts, the focus now turns to readying the thousands and thousands of other blue voters around the world to request, receive and return their ballot for the general elections,” said Amanda Mohar, the Democrats Abroad communications director.

Despite Sanders’ win, Biden still has a commanding lead in the delegate race for the national convention. After the Democrats Abroad primary is accounted for, Biden’s lead is just less than 300 delegates.

According to the group, voters in 180 different countries cast their ballots.

Author: Zach Montellaro

Source: Politico: Sanders wins Democrats Abroad primary