Democrat-Run Cities Can’t Or Won’t Protect Jews And Asians From Hate Crime Explosion

By John Nolte May 25, 2021 | Image Source: Breitbart

Every time I write something like the following, it feels silly and obvious, but sometimes the silly and obvious still must be said: Imagine the media landscape today if roving bands of white supremacists were flying the confederate flag out of their vehicles and stopping only to assault Jews.

Imagine CNNLOL, imagine NBC News, the New York Times, the Washington Post… If that were happening, we would be at Defcon 1 in this country, and yet this is exactly what’s happening to American Jews and we’re not at Defcon 1, but only because the roving band of antisemitic thugs are middle eastern.

Remember CNNLOL, NBC News, the New York Times, and Washington Post after a report was released showing an explosion in hate crimes against Asians? Remember how they all went to Defcon 1 when they thought they could blame it on former President Trump and his white supremacist supporters?

And then the whole narrative disappeared, vanished… Remember that?


Well, not because hate crimes have ceased against Asians. Nope, the narrative disappeared because almost every time one of these anti-Asian bigots was arrested or caught on video, the bad guy wasn’t white.

We live in a world where the establishment media are willing to spend years flat-out lying about Trump saying Nazis are very fine people, but are all but covering up an actual and very real hate crime crisis.

Another reason for the cover up is the location of these ongoing hate crimes.

Although Asians and Jews live in Rural MAGA Land (there’s a synagogue in my small southern town), and although those Asians and Jews are vastly outnumbered by white southern boys, these appalling hate crimes aren’t happening where the media claim all the racists live — you know, out here in Rural MAGA Land….

Nope, these appalling hate crimes are all happening where Democrats live and where Democrats govern.

How is this possible?

How in the world is it possible that out in Rural MAGA Land where all the supposed “racists” live, Jews and Asians are much safer than in these Deep Blue Utopias, where Democrats govern without Republican interference, where Democrats all live? The asking of the question answers the question.

Even though they are vastly outnumbered out here, Asians and Jews are not being targeted and hunted in Rural MAGA Land… Quite the contrary, out here, where all us supposed racists live, racial minorities are safe and welcome.

Nope, it’s in these Deep Blue Utopias like San Francisco and New York City where Asians and Jews are being targeted and hunted, and this is why fake journalists like Jake Tapper have suddenly found their hate crime high horse too uncomfortable to climb up on.

Let me be very clear about something, let me be crystal goddamned clear…

This and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this did not happen in Real America. It happened in a Deep Blue Utopia called New York City.

This and this did not happen in Real America. It happened in a Deep Blue Utopia called Los Angeles.

This did not happen in Real America. It happened in a  Deep Blue Utopia called Denver.

This and this and this and this and this and this did not happen in Real America. It happened in a Deep Blue Utopia called San Francisco.

This is not a problem in Real America. It’s a problem in Deep Blue Utopia.

I could go on and on, and you know it…

What’s happening here is very simple… The Democrat party and their allies in the media, entertainment, Big Tech, and academia are openly and vigorously embracing fascistic ideas like “woke” and critical race theory and the like, and Jews have always been the canaries in the coalmine for creeping fascism.

Like the brownshirts of Nazi Germany, Fascist antisemites are emboldened watching how the corporate media and Democrats have smeared Israel during the recent outbreak of violence in Gaza, have watched how synagogues were targeted by New York’s mayor during the anti-science lockdowns as he allowed the terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa to loot and burn, and now the thugs feel comfortable taking their thuggery and bigotry out into the open on the streets of Deep Blue Utopia.

This hate crime crisis is not an America problem. This is a Democrat-run city epidemic and in these Deep Blue Utopias, Democrats leaders either don’t know how to stop it or don’t want to stop it.

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Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte: Democrat-Run Cities Can’t or Won’t Protect Jews and Asians from Hate Crime Explosion